"You can't really tell how much fun they had unless you read their log book"

- Dr. Lewis Knapp

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The purpose for this site is to be a web home base for Steve and Marsha's next big adventure. Since that hasn't started yet, I'm just using it as a place to put stuff. Feel free to explore.

What's New...


June 21, 2019: On the day of my 65th birthday, may I present to you:

Marsha Diane Kraft Sears

Marsha Sears of Roscommon, Michigan, and Arcadia Florida, passed away
on March 10, 2019. She leaves behind her husband, Steve Sears of
Holly, Michigan, two brothers, Robert Kraft (Barb) of Rochester Hills,
Michigan, and John Kraft (Carol) of Taylors, South Carolina, several
nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephews, all from
Michigan. Her final wishes were to be cremated and her ashes taken
back to Wilmington, North Carolina, where she was born to Robert Kraft
Sr. of Detroit, Michigan and Catherine Murray of Wilmington, North
Carolina. Her father met her mother during World War II and they
married in 1943. When the war was over the family moved to Michigan,
where Marsha lived until she moved to Boulder, Colorado, then to
Cupertino, California. Marsha graduated from the University of
Michigan in 1966 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. When Steve
and Marsha retired they moved back to Michigan to be near
relatives. From their retirement cottage and summer home they traveled
all over the United States and Baja California, Mexico. Before
retirement, they lived near San Francisco, California, for many years
and in 1996 sailed their 42-foot ketch, Spirit, to Mexico for a two
year sabbatical. After retirement, they had a 5th wheel travel trailer
in Arcadia, Florida, where they spent winters.


5/20/2019: Well, that's not exactly how it worked out...

8/13/2018: We're considering a new adventure - staying at our house in Northern Michigan thru the winter, not travelling south.

5/28/2018: We arrived at our house in Northern Michigan a week ago, and are pretty much moved back in. There is still
a couple of bins of can and dry goods in the garage that need to be integrated into the pantry. The trailer is all clean and
ready to serve as our guest house. The new stainless microwave/convection oven that will match the rest of the galley
remodel arrives tomorrow. That will complete the remodel, just have to pay off the new windows...

4/19/2018: We got underway heading north 4 days ago, we spent 3 nights at a very nice KOA in southeast Orlando. 130
miles, but it took about 4-1/2 hours. It turned out we learned later that highway 4 was closed because of a cracked
overpass. The leg on 192 was tortue because of the traffic and traffic lights. The park, Orlando S.E./Lake Whippoorwill
was very nice, including a large fenced dog park. The shopping center across the street has Walmart, Petsmart, gas
stations, and many other stores. If we stay there again, we'll look for an alternative route. But next season, we plan to check out
Silver Springs State Park in Ocola.

We arrived today at Flamingo Lake RV Resort in Jacksonville, FL, another very nice park. AND, they have a Cafe that
delivers food to your site. They have a pretty well stocked store, I'm contemplating replacing our sewer tube tomorrow,
ours developed yet one more problem this morning - nuff said.

4/21/2017: We stayed at the Red Gate RV Resort and Campground outside of Savannah, GA - liked it alot - and took the
Old Town Trolley Tour of Savannah on the Orange and Green trolley, and liked that alot too.

12/17/2016: There's work to do when we arrive, to get moved from Taylor to Hanna. The goal of staying a short drive away,
under 2 hours, is to have enough time and energy to be able to do enough to stay on Hanna the first night, comfortably.
There are many empty lots still in mid November, Riverside RV Resort is good about letting us park Taylor close to Hanna for
a week or more before they move Taylor into storage - at no extra cost. The minimum goal is to get the bed made, and move
enough food, drink, and clothing for the next 24 hours. We hire people that do work in the park (not employees of the park)
to clean the rig inside and out, hook up the power, deploy the 4 slide outs, and turn on the refrigerator at least a day
before we get there. I still needed to hook up the water and sewer. Both times we've had Hanna moved to a different lot,
I've had to couple on an addition 10' section of sewer hose to reach it. Fortunately the camp store sells them and is open
until 5 o'clock. I also had to turn on the propane for the stove.

Then there are other things we may need to sort out. This season, the first thing was we discovered the 40' LED TV didn't
come back to life. We were able to borrow Taylor's 24 inch until a replacement was ordered and received. The forward air
conditioner wasn't working properly so we had to have Gary's Mobile RV Service come fix it. The awning fabric was delaminating
and needed to be replaced. While Gary was here, they ordered a replacement and scheduled time to come back a few days later to
install it.

Then there is getting the Satellite TV working. This involves locating a spot on the ground to put the Tailgater so it has
an unobstructed view of the southern sky, calling Dish Network to have them change our location so we can receive the local
channels. I have to bring the receiver, hard disk, and remote control over and get it all set up. We also run a wire from
the Over The Air antenna through the Satellite receiver box. Once it is set up, it integrates the OTA channels into the program
guide so we are able to record 2 programs at the same time. Kind of a pain, but once set up it works well. We were able to get a
43" LED TV to replace the 40", and still fit it into the mount that lowers behind the fireplace when moving the rig. I still need
to remove the old and mount the new. For now the old is lowered, the new is on its stand sitting on top of it.

From there it takes a few days to get all of the personal effects and food moved, and get Taylor cleaned up and prepped as a guest
house should anybody come to visit over the winter. They finally moved the trailer into the storage lot yesterday. If some does
come to visit, it gets towed out of storage and parked on an available spot. That happened twice last winter, and worked out well.
Hanna's living room couch does fold out to become a self inflating queen size bed, but it takes up then entire living room - so that
isn't a solution for hosting guests.

Once settled in, I was able to get a repair estimate for the truck (from the accident in Richmond, IN), then take it in and rent a
car for 2-3 days. I used the same repair shop that worked on the old truck last April, American Auto Body in Port Charlotte. They do
good work. State Farm was great as always, they waived the $500 deductible because it wasn't my fault.

So yesterday, I was finally at a point where I could start constructing the routine to-do list. Things like mounting the TV, spraying
the lot with bug spray, replacing the corroded bathroom sink faucet, etc. Charlie got groomed this morning. Last Thursday was soup
night in the pavilion - 79 soups showed up. Here is a photo of us from the event:

12/17/2016: We arrived at Riverside RV Resort, where our 38' 5th wheel (Hanna) has been waiting for us on site #415, on Nov. 15.

The following is the summary of our commute:

11/5/2016: We made it to Darien, GA today - 180 miles.

10/17/2016: We spent 3 nights at an RV park in Gatlinburg, TN we've stayed at before. We went there because of a BBQ shack that
served up the best BBQ we had ever experienced last time. Wasn't the same - very disappointing. We did go back to a restaurant
that has a dog friendly room, that serves great food. That was still perfect. There's another new park outside of the area we'll
likely stay at next time through the area. We made the trek through the Smokey Mountain Nation Park to the beginning of the last
leg of the Blueridge Parkway from Cherokee to Asheville, so now we've done the entire parkway. We here in a park we stayed in last
spring, just south of Asheville, NC. Here for 3 nights, then on to Travelers Rest, SC to spend some time visiting with one of
Marsha's brothers and his wife, John and Carol.

10/23/2016: We found a very pleasant campground in Jamestown, Tennessee, about 150 miles south of the last park. That's our
kind of travel day. The park has no ATT service, but Verizon is ok. The park has good wifi, laundry, and showers. The cold
front has moved on, there was frost on the grass this morning, but by early afternoon it was back to tank top weather. We
didn't realize we were moving into the central time zone until we got underway. We've learned you can't buy alcohol on Sundays
in Tennessee, except drinks with a meal in restaurants. We also learned the Walgreen pharmacy section of the store doesn't
open until noon, at least the one near here. We also learned they can't sell the allergy pills Marsha needs to anyone with an
out of state driver's license. We would definitely come back to this park, but we would stay longer. There are many things to
see in the area, we just planned this stop as a 2 night layover on our way to Gatlinburg.

10/21/2016: Tonight is the last of a 3 night stay at a nice campground on the Kentucky river in Salvisa, KY. It was 80 degrees upon our arrival,
day 2 was cooler and rainy, today was even cooler and soggy. Because of a detour, there were more turns onto different roads than we've ever
experienced in a day. The park is celebrating Halloween tomorrow. Tomorrow should be a much easier travel day for us.

10/20/2016: I've been remiss in logging my stuff, I'm attempting to do a catch up now. We left Breezy for the winter on Monday, October 10th.
The main project for the summer was our garden. We hadn't planned to do anything else except keep up with our work work, watch the garden grow,
and enjoy life. New windows was the next most needy house project, but we were going to put it off until next year. Then a windows salesman
knocked on our door. They completed the project on time, so Breezy has new windows.

Closing the house for the winter and moving back into the trailer is hectic, a 2-1/2 drive is about all we want to do after that, we went to
Ortonville, MI, and spent 4 nights there. When I was getting the trailer road ready, I discovered the slide out was really hard to slide back in,
I had thought I could get away without annual service on the trailer, but regretted not having the slide out lubricated so we changed our plan
for the next destination, a place near a Camping World where we could get it done. That led to a 5 night stay in Richmond, IN. We stayed at a
great KOA one exit away from Camping World, handy to restaurants and shopping. A great find.

Our next stop was Salvisa, KY at a pleasant park on the Kentucky river. 15 minutes after we got underway, an out of control driver clipped the
front of the truck (The Beast) running a red light. Dealing with the police report and insurance claim was pretty efficient, we were delayed 45
minutes, so we were still able to make our destination before 5:00.

When the repair was done on the previous truck, I told the woman that waited on me it was a pleasure to meet you, but I hope to never meet you
again. State Farm is sending us there again when we get to FL. I will be able to tell them, "I'm back".

5/25/2016: We made it to Michigan today, to an RV park in Lansing. We've stayed here a couple of times in the past, this time we're in space 47A - looks like the nicest spot in the park.
It's only 141 miles to our house, that's a good amount of travel to arrive and still have energy and time to open up the house, rather than after a full day on the road. The following is
the list of details of the journey - the most direct route at the rate we travel - avoiding Atlanta, GA and minimizing time on I-75 as much as possible - 1554 miles, 13 days.

Taylor's travels - Spring 2016
Date RV Park Phone Address Miles URL
5/15/2016 Ocala Sun RV Resort (352) 307-1100 2559 SW Hwy 484, Ocala, FL 34473 164 http://www.ocalasunrvresort.com/?utm_source=RVParkReviews.com
5/17/2016 Vidalia Sweet Onion RV Park 912.537.7661 Shawn wcb 514 Pete Phillips Drive, Vidalia, GA  30474 258 http://www.vidaliaga.com/services/sweetonionrvpark.html
5/20/2016 Rutledge Lake Travel Park (828) 654-7873 170 Rutledge Road, Asheville / Fletcher, NC 270 http://rutledgelakewnc.com/
5/22/2016 Walnut Meadow RV Park (859) 986-6180 711 Paint Lick Rd., Berea, KY 40403 240 http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/kentucky/berea
5/23/2016 S & H Campground (888) 550-1410 2573 W 100 N, Greenfield, IN 46140 241 http://www.sandhcampground.com/?utm_source=RVParkReviews.com
5/25/2016 Lansing Cottonwood Campground (517) 393-3200 5339 Aurelius Rd., Lansing, Mi 48911 240 http://www.lansingcottonwoodcampground.com/index.html
5/27/2016 Breezy 141
Should have stayed at not S & H Campground
Glo Wood Campground 317-485-5239 9384 W 700 S, Pendleton, IN 46064 246 http://glowoodcamp.com/?utm_source=RVParkReviews.com
then Lansing Cottonwood Campground 5339 Aurelius Rd., Lansing, Mi 226

5/23/2016: We did travel 2 days in a row - to Greenfield, IN. We still think we shouldn't do 2 days in a row - we would have had problems with our next reservations if we tried to switch because of the Memorial Day weekend so we bit the bullet. Provisioning tomorrow, we can let the laundry wait until we get home. On to Lansing, MI on Wednesday.

5/22/2016: We stayed an extra day in Vidalia to install a new connector and avoid driving in a sever thunderstorm. We then spent 2 nights at a nice park in Fletcher, NC - south of Asheville. We arrived in Berea, KY today, and are planning on driving tomorrow to Greenfield, IN. We've avoided traveling 2 days in a row for some time, but we want to make up the day we lost in Vidalia. The site we ended up in was level enough so we didn't have to unhook the truck from the trailer. We'll miss touring the town here, which is supposed to be kind of cool, next time...

5/17/2016: Got the connector working for the trailer lights, but it really needs to be replaced, I hope it makes it home. We made the 258 mile trek to Vidalia, GA today.

5/16/2016: Here are some photos of the trucks. The first one is the '04 trucked packed, except for the trip to Trader Joe's in Sarasota, FL. The second is the fender bender damage. The third is the '11 truck after the trade in. The forth is the '11 truck packed.

5/15/2016: We finally got on the road today, after 6 months of living in Hanna the Montana 5th wheel at Riverside RV Park, Arcadia, FL. After a sudden acceleration problem caused an accident (no ticket issued), we had the fender bender fixed, then traded the 2004 Truck in for a 2011 that had the same color and size of truck bed, so we could move the camper shell to the new one. When we hooked up this morning, the running lights on the trailer weren't working. A mobile RV service company is scheduled to come look at it tomorrow. We're in Ocala, FL...

2/8/2016: Our great niece Hillary flew down from MI to visit with us for the weekend. The Peace River Tour boat ride didn't cooperate and was canceled because of mechanical issues with the boat. The weather didn't cooperate
- a rainy cold front came through. In spite of those issues, we had a great time.

11/21/2015: All of my posts about our fall travel was on my Facebook page. I'm reposting them here now for safe keeping, starting at the beginning:-)


FB: 10/6/15: Just before saying goodbye to our summer home for the next few months. Our November 15 destination is Riverside Rv Arcadia Florida where our 5th wheel is stored. We will be in a different spot this winter - #419 out in the new Lakes section. We plan to travel slowly down the Blue Ridge Parkway, with week long stays in Ashville, NC and Sarasota, FL on the way (other shorter stops in between).

FB: 10/8/15: Our November 15 destination is Riverside Rv Arcadia Florida where our 5th wheel is stored. We will be in a different spot this winter - #419 out in the new Lakes section. We plan to travel slowly down the Blue Ridge Parkway, with week long stays in Ashville, NC and Sarasota, FL on the way (other shorter stops in between).

FB: 10/11/15: We made it to Bellevue, OH on Friday. The fall colors were kicking in stronger in MI, starting to here. On to Tarentum, PA today. We're getting in position to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway soon. This campground was pleasant enough, roomy. Satellite reception was blocked by trees, some but not all Over The Air channels were OK. We had to use our own WIFI hotspot.

FB: 10/11/15: Made it to the Mountain Top Campground 25 miles NE of Pittsburgh, PA. It is a big round flat top of hill, the sites form a ring around the edge, all have similar views. We got the 50% Passport America discount for 2 nights, which paid for the annual membership...

FB: 10/13/15: We made it to Winchester, VA today, staying in the Candy Hill Campground for 2 nights. We're in a standard site, smallish but a full hookup and the satellite reception is good, Washington DC channels. There are some interesting premium sites here, they have a deluxe fire ring, a stainless propane grill, a patio table and chair set, and lounge chairs. Haven't seen that before. There is also a fenced dog park a short walk from us. Charlie's enjoyed running there after riding in the cage all day. Will re-provision tomorrow...

FB: 10/15/15: We made it to Buena Vista, VA today. That involved 105 miles through the Shenandoah National Park on the single lane Skyline Parkway, no shoulder road - speed limit 35. Then the northern most 45 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway on a wider one lane road - speed limit 45. It was a sunny day in the high 60s, traffic was moderate to light, a load of new age music on the iPod playing on the radio, and many scenic pull offs so photo and potty breaks were easy. Charlie met another Powder-puff Chinese Crested at one of the stops, it was interesting watching their minds meld. The campground we're in is first come first serve, we got the last pull thru full hookup site. Good TV reception, 50% Passport America discount for 3 nights, and a golf course is part of the park. A great nearby Italian Restaurant delivers to your site. Tomorrow's weather forecast - 70 degrees and sunny. Life is good:-)

FB: 10/16/15: I got 9 holes in at the golf course next door. Marsha drove the cart, Charlie got to ride along too. Hilly and windy, it was like we were on the Blue Ridge Golf Cart Path. It's been a year since I've played - rusty - plan to play more...

FB: 10/18/15: We traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) from Mile marker 45 to about 197. To get back on the BRP from Buena Vista, we had to climb an 8% grade - I could really tell the difference burning premium gasoline makes. We got set up in Fancy Gap, VA in Utt's Campground, full hook-up, pull through, everything is working great here including Satellite reception. Here for 3 nights, the colors haven't peaked yet.

FB: 10/21/15: We traveled the BRP to mile 202 today, then got settled in a nice campground in Boone, North Carolina. We're backed in next to a clear, babbling brook and have a nice fire ring on our small site. Here for 2 nights. The Daniel Boone trail is near here. It was 70 degrees and sunny when we arrived. Here's a few of today's photos.

FB: 10/21/15: Pleasant...

Firepit video: https://www.facebook.com/searspirit/videos/10208170718688370/

FB: 10/23/15: We departed the BRP at mile 383 and made our way to the campground just outside of Asheville, NC. We believe we hit the fall colors perfectly. We also hit a perfect weather window, 81 degrees when we arrived at the lovely campsite - lucky us:-) We're planning to travel the rest of the BRP from Asheville to Cherokee as a side trip on our way north next spring. We're staying in this spot for the next week. Photos attached...

FB: 10/30/15: We traveled from Swannanoa, NC (outside of Asheville) to Travelers Rest, SC (outside of Greenville) today, and will be visiting Marsha's brother and his wife, John and Carol this weekend. The week in Swannanoa blew by quickly. A week is a good amount of time to get to know a place. We were there to visit Asheville, but discovered a pleasant surprise, an interesting little town called Black Mountain. The RV park we were in was one of if not the best we've visited. All services were perfect, and it was beautiful. Leaves on the trees got browner while we were there, but became more colorful as we descended off the Blue Ridge. We learned about a great grocery store chain in the area, Ingles Markets. We're now in one of the nicest KOAs we've seen...

FB: 11/4/15: We made it to Vidalia, GA yesterday - where the sweet onions come from. The park is owned by the city, no buildings or people - you fill out a form and put it in a box with your payment - $18 a night. No reservations, but you can call Shawn the day before and find out if it is full or not. Full hook up, only 50 amp power (we have an adapter), Verizon hotspot works great, Over the air (OTA) great HD TV except for CBS. We should have planned for 4 nights, will likely come back. Good place to catch up on work.

We came here a) because we avoid passing through the Atlanta area, and b) we passed near here a couple of years ago and got mentally hooked on the thought of staying at the onion place. Great find...

PS: I scored a 6 pack of Lazy Magnolia Pecan Ale (brewed in Mississippi) at the Liquor store less than a mile away - my favorite...

FB: 11/5/15: We made it to a really nice park my good friend Phil told me about in Leesburg, FL. It's filled mostly with permanent mobile homes, but there a few transient spaces. We're in a space across the street from the heated outdoor pool, that has a restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Among many other activities, such as 4 lit tennis courts, there is a chip and put golf course. We're here for 3 nights.

FB: 11/8/15: We made it to Cortez, FL today, very close to Bradenton Beach. When we planned this trip, we worked backwards from our 11/15 reservations for the winter in Arcadia. We were worried we would be a bit late for the color tour of the Parkway, so we left a week earlier. That week ended up being near Sarasota where we are now, at a nice park that is giving us the 50% Passport America discount for the entire week. Planning a Costco / Trader Joe's run later in the week. I've marked our location on the attached map with a black X.

FB: 11/12/15: Charlie's lizard brain is back. It took her a few days to start noticing them, but she's now back in full hunt mode. Chipmunks in the summer, lizards in the winter...

FB: 11/18/15: We arrived at our winter destination near Port Charlotte on Sunday, and have now moved our personal effects into the 5th wheel that, for the time being, lives here. The park will be towing the trailer into storage, until we need it back out as a guest house. We're in a new spot this year, out in the section called The Lakes. Notice the sign out our living room window. We're off the road for the winter.


FB: 11/20/15: Sitting outside with cocktails, and he shows up...

Marsha caught a close up photo, we named him Oscar...


9/12/2015: The summer season just blew by this year. Shortly after Labor Day, there is a noticeable change in the weather that lets you know fall is here, and that the afternoons may not be pleasant enough to sit out on the back deck. That's the time we make our list of things we need to do before we can head south for the winter, and start working on that list so we can go. The truck and trailer are all ready to go, I painted the trailer's propane tanks and had them re-certified.

6/27/2015: Test

6/17/2015: The following it the collection of my Facebook posts chronicling our trip back home from Florida this spring.

FB post - April 16: Travel day, back on the road again, 168 miles to the Manatee Hammock Campground, a mile south of the NASA Causeway that crosses over the water to the Kennedy Space Center. We missed a launch by 2 days:-( It's a lot of work uprooting after 4 stationary months of growing them, that's now behind us and tomorrow is an R&R day:-)

FB post - April 18: Travel day - 222 miles to Brunswick, GA. We went a few miles out of our way to stop by the Poteet Seafood company to score a few pounds of fresh sweet Georgia Shrimp. We also had planned to have live Blue Crab for dinner, but the customer in front of me bought the last ones they had - so I got a couple pounds of Snow Crab instead. The summer weather pattern moved into Florida early this year so we got to experience before heading north. Basically it's like - if you are not working on your tan by a swimming pool, you are inside something air conditioned...

FB Post - April 20: Travel day - 181 miles to James Island County Park in Charleston, SC. We passed on stopping in Savanna, GA. We like going to the Crab House on Tybee Island, but the last 2 times we were in Savanna, I had a reaction to noseeum bites. We're in a nice spot (and close to the Laundry - tomorrow is Tuesday), here for 3 nights. We'll likely tour North Charleston and stop by Trader Joe's on Wednesday:-)

FB Post - April 23: Travel day - 131 miles to Sunset Beach, NC. This week isn't going to get us any closer to home, we're taking a vacation:-) We really enjoyed the last spot, we normally don't stay in state parks because they typically don't offer full hookup / service. But this one did and it was rated highest on rvparkreviews.com - would take lot #7 again if available. We had toured Charleston 18 months ago so we were content to just live on James Island and revisit Folly Island this time. I did venture across Charleston to Mt. Pleasant - Trader Joe's. Folly Rd. is 1.5 miles from the secluded park, it has an abundance of shopping. By re-provisioning, I learned we could live a few weeks here, perfect weather between the FL heat and MI thaw - easily. After the work was done, we made it back down to Folly Beach. We drove through there last time but the Crab Shack had a long line, and parking was impossible. We got in this time, a dog friendly restaurant - Charlie made a couple of dozen new friends:-)

FB Post - April 26: Travel day - 24 miles south to Myrtle Beach, SC. Here is a photo of the Atlantic Ocean from our campsite:-) Charlie got to play in it before I even got the trailer unhitched...

FB Post - April 28: Marsha's brother Bob and his wife Barbara are vacationing nearby, we had a pleasant time hanging out on the beach this afternoon. Charlie loves the beach, she has forgotten all about the Florida lizards:-)

FB Post - April 30: Travel day - 272 miles to Travelers Rest, SC. Yesterday was rainy, the 4 of us drove to tour Wilmington, NC - Marsha and Bob spent some time growing up there, we saw the old house, the beaches they played on, and downtown. As far as Myrtle Beach, we had a great spot in a very nice park, we would stay in space 328 again. We're now in a well run KOA in a pretty setting, there's a babbling creek right behind us. We'll be here for a week or so. Here's a photo of our spot.

FB post - May 3: We were in Taylors, SC 1-1/2 years ago when the top of a tree broke off and crashed through the roof of our trailer. The guy the insurance company paid to replace our roof did a great job and was great to work with. We had him repair something else a year ago when we were in town. This time, after a trip around the country, the front seams were falling apart. Once again he did a great job. Here are some before and after photos, plus one of the creek behind us.


FB Post - May 6: Short travel day - 130 miles to Gatlinburg, TN. Marsha's other brother and his wife, John and Carol came to visit yesterday afternoon. Sunday morning, Bob and Barb stopped by for brunch on their way home. This was the first time the three have been together in decades. Photos below. Today's drive was scenic, we're now in the heart of the Great Smokey Mountains for a couple of days.

FB post - May 8: Travel Day - 251 miles to Cave City, KY - a couple miles away from Mammoth Cave National Park. We had 2 great restaurant experiences in Gatlinburg. The best BBQ take out we've ever had - brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and chicken. After touring the Pier 39 like touristy towns of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville - think Ripley's Believe it or not wax museum, Dollywood, etc., for miles - we went to a restaurant that was on 2 lists, bringfido.com and the campground recommendations. Fresh pan fried Smokey Mountain Trout, and Charlie got to hang out off leash - they gave her a T-Bone steak bone. Quite pleasant, wouldn't hesitate to come back.

FB Post - May 9: Happy Birthday Charlie - 4 years old today:-)

FB Post - May 10: Travel day - 261 miles to Hartford City, Indiana. That's a full day for us. Pizza Hut delivers here...

FB Post - May 13: 242 miles yesterday to Burton, MI - a pleasant visit with my sister Sal and her husband Ron, then 132 miles to home in Roscommon. The truck is unloaded, it's great to be back:-)

6/13/2015: We had a great trip back, arriving home on May 13th. I'll provide details of the trip back in a separate post. The timing of arriving home is after the snow has disappeared, and soon enough to get the garden planted - and we accomplished that. Of our perennials, the oregano and chives were already thriving when we got home. The rhododendrons and other plants in front of the house all came back nicely. One of our 2 rose bushes has come back nicely since we arrived, the other one is just starting to show signs of recovery. We started the pots with fresh fertilized Miracle Grow, the new plantings were 2 beefsteak tomatoes (one was supposed to be an heirloom but was mislabeled at Home Depot), a roma tomato, a cherry tomato, a rhubarb plant, some Swiss chard, some butternut squash, jalapeño peppers, red bell peppers, leaf lettuce and arugala in a lettuce bowl, and herbs - Italian parsley, German thyme, Sage, Cilantro, Mint, Basil, and 2 rosemary plants. One of the rosemary plants has been traveling with us for over 3 years - we moved it from the pot to the ground and started a new plant in the pot. We're already enjoying harvests and summer hasn't even started yet. So far - basil, oregano and parsley in a pasta sauce, chives on potatoes, cilantro in a chicken curry, mint leaves in mojitos, rosemary in a rack of lamb marinade, basil on panini sandwiches, leaf lettuce and arugala in salads, and parsley, oregano, chives, sage, and thyme in a homemade chicken soup. We planted garlic seeds last fall but they didn't make it. I'm thinking of adding more cilantro and thyme mid summer. I'll dry the herbs at the end of summer to supply us for the rest of the year until next season, and take the new rosemary pot when we go.

4/19/2015: After spending 4 months in our 38' 5th wheel, Hanna Montana, in Lot #16 at Riverside RV Park outside of Port Charlotte, FL we got underway on the trek back north towards our house - Breezy on April 16th. We're traveling towing our 24' Travel Trailer, Taylor the Trailer. We spent the last happy hour the evening before with friends Rocky and Patty. We met at the boat launch inside the RV park. We got to see an alligator swim by. We're currently at a nice RV Park in Brunswick, GA - the Coastal Georgia RV Resort. Tomorrow we drive to Charleston, SC.

12/25/2014: Merry Christmas from Riverside RV Resort.

Facebook post: 12/25/2014: We attended a sing along Christmas carol get together and helped decorate a tree at the pavilion last night. Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for the new year. Don't eat too much:-)

Facebook post: 12/17/2014: Travel day yesterday, 70.5 miles to the RV park where our 5th wheel lives. They let us park the travel trailer next door for a few days to move aboard. We moved enough stuff to get through dinner and morning coffee. Today I'll move the rest of the stuff, then clean the trailer tomorrow so they can put it in storage next to the park for the winter. That was a lot of traveling, the thought of growing some roots for a while is welcome.

Facebook post: 12/15/2014: Travel day, 227 miles to Ruskin, FL. We're 70 miles north of our winter destination, but didn't want to arrive and start moving in after a full travel day. We'll sleep in and show up around noon, 3 days short of 3 months and 6840 miles after leaving our house in Northern Michigan.

Facebook post: 12/13/2014: Travel day, 198 miles and losing an hour to the time zone change - to a nice park outside of the small town Perry, FL. We're close enough to our winter destination we can start ordering stuff on Amazon again. We didn't get a picture of Jim and Nancy this time. The attached photo is from 1-1/2 years ago. Jim's hair is longer now. Good food, good time:-)

Facebook post: 12/12/2014: Travel day yesterday, 68 miles to Fort Walton Beach, FL - in the Panhandle. We're here visiting friends Jim and Nancy. Tomorrow we start the 3 leg, 4 day trek to Riverside RV where our 5th wheel is stored. We understand it has been moved to its lot and the cleaning crew are opening it up.

Facebook post: 12/8/2014: Travel day - 254 miles to Foley, AL (just north of Gulf Shores). We're here for 3 days, with plans to visit a couple of restaurants and a shrimp boat...

12/6/2014: Facebook post: After 5 days of catching up with ourselves, Travel day today - 199 miles to Baton Rouge, LA. We got to see the town of Natchitoches (Nack-a-tish) where the movie Steel Magnolias was filmed and bought some meat pies. We're just here for a couple of nights. There's a Trader Joe's 7 miles from the park we're in.

Facebook post: 12/1/2014: We traveled on Saturday to Chandler, TX - 223 miles to visit friends Lance and Jo. We traveled 155 miles today, to Marthaville, LA just outside of Natchitoches (pronounced Nak-a-Tish) the first settlement in the Louisiana Purchase. Charlie had fun with a playmate puppy - Cody. We had a great time catching up with Lance and Jo and good eats, both out and in. We learned about a drink we hadn't heard of before arriving in Texas, a Beerita - a bottle of beer upside down in a Margarita. We plan to spend a few days here catching up on work.

Facebook post: 11/28/2014: We traveled to visit friends Michael and Dar in Ceder Park, TX, just northwest of Austin on Wednesday - 103 miles. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and a great visit. Back on the road tomorrow to visit friends in Chandler, TX. We hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Facebook post: 11/25/2014: A lot of history here...

Facebook post: 11/24/2014: Travel Day, to San Antonio, TX - 156 miles. Our first thought when we arrived is we didn't budget enough time here. Enjoyed good Mexican food take out from the Taqueria Guadalajara restaurant across the street from the RV park. We'll spend tomorrow touring.

Facebook post: 11/23/2014: Marsha's birthday was today, yesterday's thunderstorms had passed - the weather turned sunny with temperatures reaching the mid 80s this afternoon. Bacon, blueberry pancakes, and mimosas for breakfast, then we drove along the Shoreline Dr. through downtown Corpus Christi to go see the USS Lexington, then back into the center of town to a restaurant with a floating outdoor Tiki bar section we found on bringfido.com that's dog friendly. We spent the rest of the afternoon there, until sundown, munching appetizers and watching yachts coming back to their slips next door. The drive along shoreline drive south of the city reminded us of West Palm Beach with big houses on the left and palm trees and water on the right. Fun day, tomorrow - on to San Antonio.

Facebook post: 11/19/2015: Travel Day, we made it to Corpus Christi - 252 miles, we're now on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Coming into the area, you see a number of billboards advertising the USS Lexington, and air craft carrier that is docked here and has been turned into a museum. I spent 2 weeks on the Lexington 45 years ago as a Sea Cadet. We'll be here a few days...

Facebook post: 11/18/2014: Travel day yesterday, 236 miles to Brackettville, TX. We left the Big Bend area and saw how vast Texas is. We did go by an interesting area, the Amistad National Recreation Area near Del Rio. We move on to Corpus Christi tomorrow, then plan to stay put for a few days.

Facebook post: 11/15/2014: Travel day, 206 miles to Marathon, TX. We're breaking up the trip between El Paso and Corpus Christi into 3 legs. All services are up and running by 4:00, now in the central time zone. El Paso was visually hazy, dusty air that kind of burned you eyes and nose, and extremely congested, for miles and miles. Great Mexican food though. I now feel like I don't need to see Mexico City:-) Travel tip, when you know you will be losing an hour traveling east, set your clocks forward before dinner the day before. It helps alot.

11/15/2014: We were driving south east on highway 90, past the modern day ghost town of Valentine, TX - we've seen a few small towns here that apparently didn't make it through some recession - when we passed a long range bicycle rider stopped on the side of the road holding up a water bottle (empty). We drove past as the road had no shoulder, but we kept wanting to help him as we had water in the holding tank of the trailer. Marsha was driving, she pulled over at the first picnic pull off and we stopped. I took Charlie for a long walk around the area - big ants crawling around and I was wearing flip flops, so we went back to the truck. We waited for a while, then started wondering if he was still coming in our direction. I pulled out our new Nikon Coolpix camera with a 34X optical zoom lens and shot a picture facing the road we had come from. I then looked at the camera's display mode to see the picture, and zoomed in with the camera's zoom mode - and could make out the biker's yellow jacket. The camera has good image stabilization, auto focus, and fast time to push the on button then take a picture. So we waited for him. I was able to fill up his bottles, as much as he wanted to get to the next town 20 miles down the road. He explained he was planning to fill his 3 jugs in Valentine, but it turned out nothing was open. I explained we were planning on gassing up there, but luckily decided to top off at the Interstate 10 / Highway 90 intersection further back. We were compelled to wait to help him, and it is a really good feeling to have had the opportunity to do that. Photo below:

11/14/2014: FB: 11/13/2014: Travel day, to the south end of El Paso, TX - 150 miles. We're about 3 miles from the Rio Grand and Mexico. The trip once we got out of San Diego until Las Cruces, NM was very peaceful and scenic. Then it started getting congested. We're in an RV park that doesn't have much scenery, but all services are good. We're likely to stay put a couple of days to catch up on work. Charlie didn't care too much for back to back in the cage travel days.

FB: 11/12/2014: Travel day, 267 miles to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. An inexpensive spot with decent services - a stop over to break up the leg to El Paso, TX - 150 miles tomorrow. We've been lucky so far, to skirt south of the Polar Vortex, highs in the low 60s, lows just above freezing

FB: 11/10/2014: Travel day, 197 miles to Show Low, AZ. A good friend, Tom came to visit yesterday. The marina shuttle service took us from our site down to the restaurant in the middle of the marina in a golf cart. Great burgers, great day...

FB: 11/8/2014: Travel day - 153 miles to Peoria, AZ. The park we're in is on Lake Pleasant.

11/7/2014: FB: 11/7/2014: Travel day yesterday, 211 miles to Blythe, CA. We took the back road, highway 78. A little challenging, not too - very pretty trip. We're at Hidden Beaches River Resort on the Colorado River.


FB: 11/5/2014: We were treated to a wonderful smoked brisket last night with friends James and Susan in San Diego. Today, we caught up on work, shopping, cleaning, and laundry. Tomorrow we begin the 3000 mile trek back east:-)

FB: 11/3/2014: Travel day, 209 miles to Escondido, CA. That's one full tank of gas with the toad - the fuel gauge reads Low Fuel. We skirted Los Angeles, via Pasadena - man it's crowded down here. While in Northern CA, we learned coyotes are everywhere, we encountered them in SF, the Peninsula, and Santa Cruz. While in Bakersfield, we learned over half the radio stations were in Spanish. 77 degrees when we arrived...

Charlie picture, with friends Lewis and Barbara...

11/1/2014: FB: Travel day, 197 miles to Bakersfield, CA. We went through quite a downpour going through Fresno, they need it. We liked the spot we were in yesterday, a basic fish camp with a boat launch onto the San Joaquin river. Pretty...

10/31/2014: FB: Travel day, 100 miles to Newman, CA. We didn't know how much time and energy to budget for loading the truck with all of our stuff, saying good by to Jim and Jo, then loading the trailer back up and saying goodbye to the people where we had the trailer stored, so we picked a 100 mile destination, short, just to get back on the road and moving. It will make the drive down 99 through the Central Valley to Bakersfield much more pleasant by being shorter. We had a great time visiting, and wish we could have visited more friends. We think we'll be back again in a couple of years...

10/29/2014: FB: Our time in Northern California is approaching its end for this trip. It's been fun to be here to watch the Giants win the World Series - thank you Madison. I managed to get a few more golf courses in with Jim, then make it out sailing on Monterrey Bay with Lewis while here.

10/25/2014: FB: The Left Handed Sagittarian wives get together a couple of miles away from AT&T park the night of game 2. Go Giants!!!

10/20/2014: FB: Testing a new camera, a photo of Charley yesterday:-)

10/17/2014: FB: Travel day on the 15th, made it to Belmont, CA - 94 miles. We visited friends Peter and Elaine while in Lodi, except Peter was not home, he was away working in Atlanta. The travel was back into crowded CA on roads in worse condition than we've seen in a while. We stowed the trailer in the industrial park where the company Marsha does book keeping for is located, 1.6 miles away from where friends Jim and Jo live. We're staying with them while here. I spent a day in Oakland working on a new project yesterday, the company is located across the street from Pandora's headquarters. Today, Jim and I made it to the golf course he's been playing at nearby. Life's pace has gotten faster, here are a few photos...

10/13/2014: FB: Travel day, to Lodi, CA - 165 miles. The RV park manager in Coleville, CA suggested and easier route to pass over the Sierras if we bypassed the 89 section that connects to 88, and go north to pick up 88 in Minden, past Gardnerville, NV. Not bad, we're towing a 24' Travel Trailer with a Ford F-150 with the smaller V8 engine. On the grades going up, when the speed drops to 33 mph with it floored, a stronger gear kicks in until your speed picks up to 40. It cycled like that alot. Two lane road but with plenty of passing lanes and turnoffs, beautiful scenery all the way. Charlie is being a great traveler, but misses her fenced in back yard. There was a dog park in Coleville, and a huge one here. She likes to chase the tennis ball a few times to run off some steam. Not too much this afternoon though, it's 90 degrees. Here are some photos of the last spot...

10/11/2014: FB: Travel day - Coleville, CA - 227 miles except we took a detour to a winery that also distills vodka from 4 grains they grow plus they grow everything else required to make it - Frey Ranch in Fallon, NV. We saw they were having an open house to celebrate this new vodka today on the news last night in Winnemucca, NV. https://www.facebook.com/FreyRanchDistillery I bought a bottle:-) From there, it was a more scenic part of Nevada than we've seen before, we'll likely never do Reno to Sacramento on 80 ever again...

10/10/2014: FB: Travel Day to Winnemucca, NV - 288 miles. Had an unscheduled 1-1/2 hour stop in Wells, NV to buy new tires and suspension equalizers for the trailer. I noticed weird tire ware before we left MI, and had Camping World rotate the tires when we had them repack the wheel bearings (an annual thing). The manager of a gas station we pulled into that had a service garage and not much to do heard noises as we pulled in, came over and pointed out the tire wear that had gotten much worse since I checked in MI. I'm sure I paid a premium price, but they had the parts, tools, and skilled manpower so we took advantage of gaining an hour crossing into Pacific time to give them the green light to do the work. Better peace of mind, because we have a lot more miles in mind:-)

10/9/2014: We had driven over this bridge near Twin Falls, ID a couple of times over the past few years, and wanted to explore the gorge below someday. Shoshone Falls is a wow view, even though we hear the water level is low right now. There are two golf courses at the bottom of the gorge. Check...

10/8/2014: Travel day, made it to Twin Falls, ID - 279 miles. The temperature was 83 degrees when we pulled in at 4:00. We took the back road for most of it, passing through the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. It's another thing we did a few years ago, and taking the tour is a great thing to do but you don't need to do it twice. Except for the Craters of the Moon area, much of the back road looked like areas of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, the ones without cacti - also many heavily loaded hay trucks on the road. As we got closer to Twin Falls, it became more big agriculture - potatoes, corn, cattle. Twin Falls itself has pretty much all of the stores, including Costco, but not Trader Joe's. We're stocked up, so we plan to do some local touring tomorrow before pushing westward on Friday.

10/6/2014: I've been posting travel updates on Facebook, here are the posts since we left MI:

FB: 10/5/2014: Travel day - to Dillon, MT - 189 miles. Cattle ranches and big sky. Set up in a nice spot at the edge of town by 3:15, including satellite TV:-)

FB: 10/4/2014: What a beautiful morning

FB: 10/3/2014: Travel Day - We made it to Gardiner, MT, just outside the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park - 135 miles from Cody. We spent 3 nights in Cody, yesterday afternoon the park manager advised us to fill our water tank because he was about to shut off the water for the winter because it was going down to 26 degrees last night. The electric sign out front advertising the rates changed to "Thanks for a great season - Closed". The 50 mile drive from Cody to the East Entrance to Yellowstone was very beautiful all the way. We saw many Bison in the park today. I had to change into shorts and a tank top to get the trailer set up once we got to Gardiner - sunny and warm...

FB: 9-30-14: Travel day on the 30th, 183 miles to Cody, WY. We made it through Bighorn National Forest, lots of 6-7% grades up and down - beautiful. Shortly after we were over the pass, we became engulfed in an authentic cattle drive - 100s of brown cows being driven along both sides of the road by cowboys and cowgirls on horses, with lassos, and dogs helping out. They were pooping and peeing and crossing the road back and forth, forcing us to stop, then proceed slowly, carefully - I was almost bumping into them to move forward. It went on for over a mile - just fascinating - didn't know that still goes on... We're going to stay in Cody for a couple of days to re-provision, catch up on work, laundry, clean the rig etc. We want to feel fresh and rested before entering Yellowstone territory...

FB: 9-30-14.2: Travel day yesterday, 129 miles to Buffalo, WY. We decided to break up the long leg to Cody. We had our close encounter with Devils Tower. We figured out we can travel consecutive shorter days because there is really nothing to recover from, it's easier...

FB: 9-28-14: Travel Day, made it to Devils Tower, WY - 180 miles. We didn't stop to see Mount Rushmore, because we did that 5 years ago. It's a definite must, but once is enough. Here's a photo I took from the last trip...

FB: 9-27-14: Travel Day, made it to Wall, SD - 122 miles. We drove though the Badlands National Park. The weather was sunny, perfectly clear, and 75 degrees. Nice day:-)

FB: 9-25-14: Travel day, 283 miles to Presho, SD - back roads except 22 miles of I-90. Mostly farm country, mostly corn. We pushed an extra 50 miles to turn the next leg into a half travel day, on a route through the Badlands on our way to the Wall Drug Store:-)

FB: 9-23-14: Travel day, 261 miles to Granite Falls, MN - we took the back roads to the north to avoid Minneapolis. We've decided not to move 2 days in a row. Fixed a plumbing problem yesterday - galley sink trap nut came undone. Debugged a problem with the mobile satellite TV system when we got here. All systems are good, tomorrow we relax:-)

FB: 9-21-14: Travel day, Escanaba, MI to Barron, WI - 261 miles. A full day of fall color tour, it seemed later in the season as we traveled west. Still much green in the morning, more brown near the end of the day. This photo is from about 4 hours west of Escanaba...

FB: 9/19/14: Travel day, Escanaba, MI to Barron, WI - 261 miles. A full day of fall color tour, it seemed later in the season as we traveled west. Still much green in the morning, more brown near the end of the day. This photo is from about 4 hours west of Escanaba...

10/1/2014: I didn't post much here over the summer. The big project, updating the kitchen was supposed to take a few days. Complications turned it into the summer project. We didn't quite get it finished before leaving for the winter. The backsplash behind and around the stove will be done while we are gone, hopefully this month. The product we chose was back ordered. Kabinetree Konceps will be doing the work. These photos show the new granite counter, appliances, and resurfaced cabinets - before and after.

9/19/2014: We got back on the road today, made it to Escanaba after closing down the house. The plan - ? - take 3 months to get to Florida, and visit the west coast on the way...

5/29/2014: What ended up happening, Sal and Ron came over on Monday for a campfire after dinner out at the Mexican restaurant in town. I got a round of golf in that morning, Marsha drove the cart. We drove the final leg home on Tuesday the 20th, 8 months after leaving. We've been busy since then getting the house up and running. We had left before the leaves dropped so the spring clean up includes the fall clean up. So far I've hauled 53 bags of leaves to the community compost heap, and I still have the back yard to do. We've purchased a new propane grill for the back deck, and purchased granite counters and sink for the kitchen. We still have to have an appointment with the cabinet people to get a quote on refacing the cabinets. We still have to get the garden going. I think we will be more on top of things by the end of next week.

Charlie is really enjoying her fenced in back yard, but is spending an inordinate amount of time in the garage, stalking a chipmunk.

5/15/2014: Update, Sal and Ron are coming over on Sunday for a campfire and hot dogs instead. Sounds like fun too:-)

5/15/2014: We're at the Fort Chiswell RV Park in Max Meadow, VA. We travel to the Cross Creek Resort in Delaware, OH tomorrow, 317 miles - rest up on Saturday, then travel on Sunday to the Holiday Shores RV Resort in Durand, MI, 234 miles. We plan to play golf on Monday, then have dinner with Sal and Ron at the Rancho Grande restaurant in town there. We are researching this location as a possible place to store Hanna for the May - October season when we get a one ton truck. Tuesday we drive home to Breezy, 140 miles. It will feel good to get home, after 8 months away...

5/10/2014: We're at the same RV park as last November when we got a new roof because a tree branch came through our old one. The guy that fixed it was great to work with so we got a quote on fixing a rotting floor problem. We said great, we'll be back. He got all the work done today, here are a few pics....

4/25/2014: Today, we heard from Kim of Donn's Electric, the company that winterizes and summerizes our house in Roscommon. 1. They found a dead squirrel in our toilet. 2. The garage flooded - I will have some cleanup work to do when I get home. 3. The water system needs a new accumulator tank and valve. Whew - we were waiting for her to tell us the roof caved in:-)

4/25/2014: We traveled from Titusville, FL to Brunswick, GA on Wed. Thursday I found this seafood market, we had peel and eat shrimp for lunch - fresh sweet meat, and live blue crab for dinner. Nice day:-)

4/22/2014: Our first stop on our trip back home is at an RV resort surrounded by a golf course in Titusville, FL - Willow Lakes RV & Golf Resort. I played 9 holes this afternoon, and hope to do it again tomorrow after catching up on work, then back on the road on Wednesday - bound for Brunswick, GA - 192 miles.

It was alot of work moving back into the trailer and preparing the 5th wheel to be stored over a Florida summer (humidity, hurricane season). We cleaned both rigs inside, and had the outsides cleaned. Today, I bleached the windows to kill any remaining mold. It was great to break away to play some golf, and hopefully life's pace will be a bit more relaxing going forward. We've employed Sandy Clark to check on Hanna every 2 weeks and after any storms, to make sure the Damp Rid is still working and that it hasn't become infested with mold or bugs. Her daughter and son-in-law will be cleaning the rig inside and out before we get back there in December. Our fingers are crossed that everything holds together, this could be the plan for a while...

4/15/2014: The photo below is our current fleet configuration. They moved our trailer out of storage yesterday and parked it next to our 5th wheel. The crew will be cleaning both rigs on Wednesday/Thursday. We move back into the trailer for travel on Friday/Saturday and get back on the road on Sunday. The Montana 5th wheel will stay here in storage ($50/month) after we summerize it. April is really peaceful in this park because most of the snowbirds bolt out the last week of March. There is a good off leash dog park a short 2 block walk from our site, that has a fishing pear out into the Peace River, so Charlie has been having much fun this winter chasing lizards. I never broke out the fishing gear because there is a seafood vendor that comes here once a week. We had Grouper last night, with Quinoa, and a mixed greens salad with red onion, mushrooms, and artichoke heart. We spent January ordering new galley stuff from Amazon Prime, piece by piece, and have been having fun in the galley and eating well. This new 5th wheel (2011) is a Keystone Montana, we named it Hanna.

Our trip home plan includes first stop in Titusville, FL in a resort in the middle of a golf course (I have my clubs with me) - 2. Brunswick, GA - 3. Hardyville, SC just north of Savanna, GA - 4. a week outside of Charleston, (we plan to eat a lot of live blue crabs while on the coast), then 5. Taylors, South Carolina near one of Marsha's brother's house where we had the trailer's roof replaced last November. The guy that did the work was great, we're having him do a half day project to fix the trailer's remaining wart. We plan to leave there on May 15th, and either do a 3 day trip straight home, or meander along the Blue Ridge Parkway, depending on how we feel living in the trailer after spending 4 months in this 38' 5th wheel. It has a very comfortable full king size bed, which we have been sleeping in till noon many days lately...

We're looking forward to visiting friends out west this fall, the current plan is to head west mid September, then down to San Diego, then east along the southern route back to Florida for the winter, our reservations are for December 20 - April 20. After that, we have no plan:-)

2/25/2014: As a PS to my post earlier today - regarding visiting guests. Hanna's couch converts to a self inflating full queen size air bed. Deploying it fills the living room so it means Hanna does not have a guest room, the bed is for situations like when another couple come over to play Mexican Train then sleep over rather than drive or walk home. Having said that, we can easily have Taylor the Trailer moved out of storage to a nearby transient space to be used as a guest house for visitors:-)

2/25/2014: We're getting pretty settled in the new 5th Wheel. For the initial move in, Riverside let us move Taylor the Trailer next door for a few days. We bought new king size bedding on the way back from closing the deal, and borrowed everything else from Taylor to get comfortable. Then over the course of the next month we started buying new stuff for Hanna, mostly from Amazon Prime, and moving the borrowed galley stuff, towels, etc. back to Taylor, now parked in the storage area. Now when it is time to hit the road again, we just need to move the food related items and personal effects.

Last year mid Feb. we signed up for January and February this winter. If you are here then you get a notice in your mail box offering first dibs on your spot for next year. We had stayed here for the month of Feb., liked it allot and decided we would enjoy 2 months. Staying in one spot for a month while traveling away from home did seam a bit surreal. The WIFI was challenging at times, and there was no cable - but if you are here a month you get a mailbox. We were able to order things online, which was cool. We turned Netflix back on to get movies to supplement the local TV stations we could pick up with our antenna. We had acquired an iPad 2 with a data plan so we had our own wifi hotspot to back up the WIFI when it had issues. It did seem like a long time to be in one spot, and a bit strange to be preparing to move again. But we had more places to go and people to see so we hit the road again on March 1, arriving back at Breezy on April 23.

The spot we would be in for Jan. and Feb. this year was just big enough for the trailer to fit on the pad and park the truck next to it. Sometime last summer we decided to change our arrival date to December 20 to be situated here for the holidays. We did spend Christmas with Bob and Cindy in Cape Coral, and attended Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve functions here in the Pavilion, all of which we enjoyed. As we we driving here from the previous spot on Dec. 20, we decided to extend our stay to the end of Feb., instead of Feb. 20 if it was available. I asked about it when checking in, upon our arrival. The spot we were reserved for, #80 was reserved as of Feb. 21, but they offered to let me take a look at site #16 as a death in the family had caused a cancellation. I walked in, took a look and said wow, we'll take it. It was huge, and had a huge back yard that opened to the volley ball and pickle ball courts.

We had learned last year that many of the 5th wheels didn't have trucks that could tow them. People left them in storage, the park maintenance crew have a tractor for towing them in and out of storage for folks. We had thought about that possibility all year, and the fact we now had a bigger site that could accommodate just about any size rig hit us as a sign it was time to take action. The money from selling Spirit was in the bank. We ended up agreeing to purchase this 38' 5th Wheel on December 26. As time passed, we extended our reservation to March 20, then to March 31, then to April 20. We now have Satellite TV, and DSL for high speed Internet. When the notice to reserve for next year appeared in our mailbox, we signed up for Dec. 20 - April 20. We still plan to travel in Taylor in the fall, and use it as our 3rd bedroom / 2nd bathroom while in MI over the summer. We have made the decision to call this our winter home, at least as long as we haven't upgraded our half ton truck to a one ton truck, which is what we would need to travel with it. The following are pictures of Hanna in our winter spot.

1/5/2014: Created this new page for Hanna.

12/27/2013: We purchased a used Fifth Wheel - 2011 Keystone Montana 3455 SA. We named it Hanna. Here is the photo album.

There are also YouTube video tours:

12/24/2013: This is the spreadsheet with the RV parks we stayed in over the fall journey to Florida.

12/23/2013: Facebook post 12/20/2013: We arrived at our winter destination today - here we be...

Facebook post 12/17/13: Had a pleasant lay day in a beautiful park surrounded by tall pines in Hazlehurst, GA. Caught up on laundry getting the sawdust and hatch repair droppings out of the bedding. Ended the day with a nice campfire. Traveled today to Ocala, FL - had to break out the tank top and flip flops upon arrival. 3 nights here then one more travel day 200 miles south to our winter destination. We're still smiling about the new roof:-)

Facebook post 12/15/2013: After 3 weeks in Taylors, we traveled today to an RV park just north of Hazlehurst, GA, pretty much in the middle of no-ware. The road here was definitely the one less traveled, traveling south about equidistant between Macon and Savannah passing through a few very small towns along the way. The stern ladder got installed yesterday, I've already used it - we couldn't pick up any satellite signals with the dish on the picnic table so I carried it up the ladder to try putting it on the new roof. It worked! There is no ATT service so no iphone. We have one bar of Verizon LTE, which appears to be enough for wifi good enough for email and Facebook.

We're lucky our roof got impaled where it did, we got to spend more time with Marsha's brother and his wife John and Carol. There were great Chinese Food and Pizza delivered to our door. State Farm Insurance covered the roof replacement without hassle. The RV park didn't charge us for our stay there and recommended a great RV service contractor that did the job. We plan to stop by there on our way back north in the spring to have him do another one day project that will need attention soon.

Anyway, it feels great to be back on our own schedule again, the photo below shows the new ladder on the transom just before we got back on the road this morning...

Facebook post 12/13/13: I haven't posted pics of Charlie in a while. She's a traveling trooper, but picked up fleas at a groomer's shop in Carolina Beach, NC. We took her to the emergency pet hospital in Taylors, SC on Thanksgiving day because of an allergic reaction to their bites. A prescription for prednisone did the trick, she's all better now and ready to travel.

Everything with the roof repair is completed except for installing the new stern ladder, which is scheduled for the morning. We have a new roof, all new vents, and new air conditioner cover. Better than new and back on the road again soon:-)

Facebook post 12/11/13: The crew, Pat and Tony, with assistance from the Park Assistant Manager Dave made great progress today. No ugly surprises, and the promise of everything being better than when we got here (Nov. 23, Marsha's birthday). Looks like we're going to end up with a stern ladder as well:-)

Facebook post 12/10/13: The materials to replace our Trailer's roof have arrived, we have a 3 day no rain weather window, the insurance money is in the bank, work begins tomorrow morning around 8:30. If all goes well we will be back on the road headed south on Saturday.

12/8/2013: Most of the parts to replace Taylor's roof arrived yesterday, except the roll of roofing material. There were no scheduled stops between Atlanta and here, but it went missing in route - that was the part that dictated this truck as the shipping method. They put a tracer on it, whatever that means. The rain window is still the bigger gating factor on starting to replace Taylor's roof. The rain is supposed to end late Tue. afternoon - looks like the roof replacement project could begin as early as next Wednesday.

Charlie had her last Prednisone pill today - hopefully back to normal in a couple of days. All symptoms of the allergic reaction to the flea bites are gone, but the steroid keeps her appetite enzymes on hungry full time, she needs a bath...

On the topic of bucket list, I met 2 of Marsha's cousins she had not seen in many decades a few weeks ago, one on her mother's side, one on her father's side. We were contemplating rearranging our route at one point but at that phase of this journey, Larry's medical problems swayed our route decision to make it to Cedar Point, North Carolina on this trip south instead of on the way back north next spring. We learned yesterday he lost his battle with Leukemia - we were with him just days ago, the reality he projected was fighting the good fight. He made many good points in his prolific conversation, about nutrition and holistic approaches to living and dealing with such a disease, and dealing with doctors and the medical system in general, um... a bit scary... . He sensitized me on the subject of continually accessing the healthiness of all aspects of my lifestyle a bit more, but I've been working on it. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet Larry - rest in peace...

12/3/2013: Facebook post: Our insurance company just authorized our claim and are sending us the money to have the roof replaced. I've given Pat of Upstate RV Services the green light to do the job, he'll be ordering the materials in the morning. He said he should be able to get started on the work by the end of the week, and that it will take 3 days without rain to finish the job. There is rain in the current weather forecast for Thur. - Mon. We'll be in Taylors, SC until it's finished...

Marsha's comment: We are so lucky to have this happen a few miles from my brother John's house. We've had a great time visiting him and his wife Carol. There are more great times to come in the next couple of weeks too.

11/30/2013: Here we still sit not knowing exactly what to expect, waiting for the State Farm Insurance assessor to arrive, currently projected for early next week.

So, since we were going to be here a while, there is no cable TV hook up, and the selection of digital channels over the air is poor, we decided it was time to break out the Tailgater and see if we could get it set up. The first step after hooking up the gear is to locate the antenna so it has a clear view of the southern sky. We're in a wooded park, but most of the leaves have fallen so there is hope. After a couple of failed attempts with it setting on the ground, I set it higher up, on a table. I located the table close to my neighbor's satellite dish.

After 20 minutes or so of scan time to get its internal satellite aimed correctly, with rotating servo motors, we started picking up TV stations. We got a dialog window telling us to call Dish Network regarding HD reception. We did, they were able to determine the problem we were having was due to the fact it was raining hard. Once the rain tapered off, we had full reception, including their HD stations. We learned we have to call them each time to update the service address and activate the local channels (though we may be able to do it online, we'll see). We also learned that with the model of receiver that goes with the Tailgater, we would need an external hard disk and have to pay a one time activation fee to enable the DVR functions. After a false start with a 3TB drive, because a local Dish installation tech rep they referred me to said size didn't matter, I ventured out to Best Buy on Black Friday to get a 2TB drive because that is the max size the system would support. Piece of cake, I ordered it online for store pickup, there were 2 people ahead of me in that line, as opposed to 50 or so in the cash register line. The steps, hook up the hard disk to the receiver's USB port, do the full scan again to get to the point where it detects the disk, call to pay for the activation, then do the full scan again. I'm still going to have to neaten up the wires and sort out the equipment storage strategy for when we're moving, but for now while we're stranded here, we have our full home entertainment system up and running.

We're OK with the new 3TB external hard disk too, as it's serving as our data back up strategy. It's currently backing up our photo collection, just under 115,000 files.

Meanwhile, we've started using some of the 14.4 pound cabbage (OS Cross Hybrid 132) we got from Marsha's cousin's daughter's garden outside of Wilmington. Marsha's sister-in-law Carol had a great recipe for stuffed cabbage. Here is a photo of what was left after she removed the leaves for the recipe:

It turned out great, we enjoyed it for dinner on Thanksgiving day, and lunch the day after. Marsha's brother John had to work on Thanksgiving day, so we are planning the traditional turkey dinner on Sunday when he's home.

Also meanwhile, Charlie picked up some fleas somewhere, we think at the groomer's facility in Carolina Beach. At first we thought she was just shedding her undercoat but her skin was turning pinkish red, and upon closer inspection we saw fleas jumping around. Carol gave us her puppy Button's Comfortis. That did the trick for killing the fleas, but she was suffering an allergic reaction. We tried Benadryl to get her to stop itching but it alone didn't help. We ended up in the emergency vet hospital on Thanksgiving day, and ended up with a prescription of Prednisone, to be administered in conjunction with the 25 mg Benadryl, and half tablets of Pepcid AC. That combo is doing the trick. Her skin color is back to normal and she's no longer scratching. From the scratching and gnawing, she did loose quite a bit of her hair. Her lower hind legs look like they were sheep sheared.

The poor girl is having a rough trip, this after the deer ticks she picked up in Maine that resulted in a trip to the vet while we were in Maryland.

11/27/2013: We got an estimate of $5103.71 for the repair, from Pat Cobb of UpState RV Services, LLC. Now we are waiting for the State Farm assessor to come to settle the claim. It is now looking like Friday or Monday before that will occur. Here is the repair estimate. We'll be in Taylors, SC for at least another week.

Looking at new models of Travel Trailers, Marsha likes the Cougar XLite 31RKS. A second option is the Keystone Sprinter Wide Body, 302RLS-WB. We would need to trade the truck for a bigger one...

11/26/2013: Plans change...

11/22/2013: A fair amount of work work this week, this was a good place to get it done. We're in Carolina Beach, NC in a small park with good internet, Winners RV Park. Saturday we travel to Taylors, SC for 4 days. Then back to the coast to Charleston, SC for a week. Then to a place we stayed last year in SC just north of Savanna, GA for a week - good internet. There is still Spanish Moss on our TV antenna from there last year. Then to a combo RV Park/Golf Course for a week in Titusville, FL. Then to Riverside RV Resort in Arcadia/Port Charlotte on Dec. 20th where we have a reservation through the end of Feb. At least that's the plan...

Regarding our time on the outer banks, we were there after the season, so many things were closed. There was a storm one night, I had to go retrieve my bicycle cover plastered against the RV park fence the next day. Being in the trailer kind of felt like being on the boat with the rocking. They routinely have backhoes shoveling sand off the road back onto the banks, kind of like the job of painting the Golden Gate Bridge - never ending. Still, the weather was shorts and flip flops much of the time. We were at a very nice RV park, my Charlie walks were right out to the ocean - which she loves, chasing, barking at, and biting the waves in the surf. She just gets more intensely into it, until I get tired of it and want to go, then she still wants more. There are big vacation rental houses that can handle big groups, the waitress where we watched the sunset said in season, she sees groups of 30 that come in and want to sit together - no way... Rare to be in a spot with sunsets on one side of the street, and sun rises on the other. I, however never made it out of bed in time to catch the sunrise out my back door. It's a fishing meca, many pickup trucks driving around had front bumper racks that would hold an ice cooler and 4 fishing rods sticking straight up - surf fishing very popular. We drove to the south end of Hatteras, but didn't take the ferry to the southern islands, which we heard good things about - interesting things to do, miniature horses, people living there that have never been off the islands.

Funny weather, in the past week we have seen record low and record high temperatures...

11/16/2013: Spirit's Next Chapter. Dennis Boring, the mechanic Spirit's new owner is having work on a major overhaul contacted me recently. He'd discovered Spirit's website and thus my contact info. He thanked me for the level of documentation on previous upgrades I left with the boat, and sent me a link to some photos of the new ones. The photo below is of the new engine. It appears Spirit will be off to new adventures at some point:-)

11/12/2013: I've been updating our status on Facebook as we move along, the following are the posts since the beginning of the month:

Facebook post from 11/11: Travel day, south from Waves, NC to Ceder Point, NC - 200 miles the fast way, but we took back roads - fisherman's heaven. Salute to all veterans!

Facebook post from 11/9: We were the only customers at this restaurant across the street from where we're staying. Pet friendly, we got to enjoy the off season sunset...

Facebook post from 11/8: After a great week in VA Beach, we travel today to Camp Hatteras in Wave, NC on the Outer Banks - here for the weekend. On the road at 11:00, fully hooked back up with cable TV and wifi by 3:00.

Niece Teresa Turner's Facebook post from 11/3:

This photo wasn't part of a Facebook post. We enjoyed some sushi after spending time at the beach, in Virginia Beach with Tracy.

Facebook post from 11/3: Mississippi Roast: By far the best recipe I have tried. I wont make a roast any other way now. Mississippi Roast – - Put chuck roast in crock pot, Sprinkle with Hidden Valley ranch dressing, add McCormick Au Jus mix, a stick of butter, 5 pepperoncini peppers. DO NOT ADD WATER. Cook on low for 7-8 hrs.

Facebook post from 11/3: We're in Virginia Beach, went to an oyster roast gig tonight with my niece Tracy and her husband Ron, with live music and you put on a glove, grab a knife and shuck your own - weather nice, T shirt and fleece vest, never needed the sweat shirt. Charlie had a funny reaction to a giant stuffed gorilla. First impressions, I like it here:-)

Facebook post from 11/1: After our 9 night stay at Castaways in Ocean Beach, MD we moved today to the KOA in Virginia Beach, VA. We saw the colors change in MD, now there are many maple trees still green around us. It was 78 degrees when we arrived, I had to break out a tank top. We're reserved here for 6 nights. We traveled today feeling well rested, it was great.

10/31/2013: We've been traveling and have not had a mail drop in 6 weeks, so I called my insurance company to see if I have anything to worry about Affordable Health Care today. No changes in my coverage or pricing, nothing to worry about - so why have I had to hear so much about this on the news? We move to Virginia Beach tomorrow. The off shore sea breezes I've been hearing in the evenings here while walking Charlie remind me of being in the anchorages in the Sea of Cortez, in a very good way. I'm so glad I have those memories to draw upon...

10/26/2013: Facebook post: Yesterday afternoon, 200+ big rigs arrived at this park, most with children on board. They spent the morning decorating their spaces with Halloween - I had to run to the store to get in character:-)

10/24/2013: Facebook post: Normally we don't move 2 days in a row, but after arriving at Castaways RV Resort in Berlin, MD yesterday, today we moved from slip #141 to #137 because #137 was available for the next 8 nights. Everything is working great here, the only problem is the price, but hey - it feels like we've gotten off the road for a break...

10/23/2013: Time, where we are, where we've been, where we're going is getting a bit blurry. We arrived today in Ocean Beach, MD after spending 2 days in PA at an RV park that had wifi issues, and I had work to do - it was amazing I got the work done it was so bad. On the other side of the coin, we are in a very nice RV park on the ocean, in Ocean Beach, MD and the wifi is great. They provide a free .5 mbit service, and a for fee 10 mbit service - that's the way to go for people like us, we hope this place is the gold standard others will follow.

We did spend 3 days in the Catskills, before PA. Will add more details...

10/12/2013: Next stop, Timberland Campground in Shelburne, New Hampshire - rain storm, caught up on laundry, shopping at Walmart. They only had WIFI at office building, but we were able to pick up the signal with our Crane long range antennas. From there, we made it to Bar Harbor Campground. The Acadia National Park was closed due to the government shutdown, so we just drove around the island. A cruise ship had stopped to let everyone tour the town, crowded - not sure I'd ever want to do that. We did get our fill of Lobster though. From there, we made it to Silver Springs Campground outside of Portland, ME. We're aiming at the Catskills next, in hopes the colors will still be there...

10/5/2013: We discovered most of the RV parks in the North East, at least north of Cape Cod close for the season around October 15. This knowledge helped provide focus to our plan, we need to cover some mileage if we are going to be able to find a place to park our trailer and get to enjoy lobster in Maine. The next stop after Niagara Falls was Pulaski, NY, at the Streamside RV Park and Golf Course. The RV park was nestled in the middle of a 9 hole golf course. 2 nights and 9 holes with a cart, $65.00. What a hoot, I brought my clubs, it was fun. The next leg of the journey took us over the Adirondacks to Schroon Lake, NY - close to the Vermont boarder. 2 nights in the woods at Medcalf Acres Riverfront Campground & RV Park Resort. It appears we hit the peak of the color tour through there, very pretty.

Facebook post:

10/1/2013: We made it to the Niagara Falls area today. We're hooked up at the Cinderella Motel and Campsite, Passport discount for 2 nights. Level gravel back in full hookups with Cable TV, no Wifi, we're using our Verizon hotspot for internet. We're thinking we may have got too late of a start for the colors this year, many of the leaves are falling already, at least here. We plan to tour driving around and get a feel for the US side of the falls area while here. We're thinking a trip through Canada to the Ontario side could be a separate outing during the summer from Breezy could be an adventure on its own.

9/30/2013: Facebook post: It begins. We stayed an extra day in Erie to let Charlie play on the beach:-) We picked Sara's Campground because of the distance from the last place and they honored the Passport America 50% discount. We didn't know it was located at the entrance to Presque Isle State Park and Sara's Diner that closes tomorrow for the season. We stayed an extra day to enjoy it.


9/27/2014: Facebook post: So we've left Michigan to go camping with our travel trailer. Today we traveled from Huron, OH to Erie, PA, mostly along Lake Erie's south shore, with a side trip through Cleveland. Many nice homes on the south shore, it kind of felt like driving south on Jefferson through the Gross Points into Detroit (memories from the late 70's, can't say what it looks like now). We'll be back in 7 months or so...

9/26/2013: I just updated Breezy's page on this summer's projects. Also, some pics from this summer: Marsha's brother Bob, his wife Barb, her brother Mike, and his wife Deb came up and helped me celebrate my birthday on the summer solstice. Jim and Jo Callen visited in August. My sister Sal and her husband Ron came up for a visit mid September. We stopped downstate on our way for the winter and visited my sister Shelley, her husband Robin and their friends Dave and Cynthia, then Marsha's brother Bob and Barb. Our great niece Hillary stopped by our campsite in Linden shortly before we left the mitten for the fall and winter.

9/25/2013: I have much content to add about our summer, and plan to. This purpose of this post is to start status updates of our travels with our truck and trailer for the fall/winter, 2013/2014 season. We left early this year to make it over to New England to hopefully experience their color tour, and eat some lobsters. We left Michigan today, making it to Huron, Ohio (not too far from Cedar Point), at the Huron River Valley Resort. We plan to stay here 2 nights. We don't have reservations for our next stop yet, in fact, our next reservation is December 20 at the Riverside RV Resort in Arcadia, Florida. Between here and there, we have to decide what's next as we go. Our current feel for what's next is to drive along the St. Lawrence Seaway on the US side for a while...

7/5/2013: Marsha has been spending time on ancestry.com researching our family history. She's traced me back to the person that came to this country from Europe, Richard Sears. This document has the full details, here is the summery:

You are descendants of Richard Sears the Pilgrim who was born about 1590. He died on 26 Aug. 1676 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts.

The ancestry lineage from Richard Sears to Steve Sears is as follows:

Richard (1590-1676) Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony (Cape Cod) about 1639
   Leut Silas (1639-1697) Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony m. Anna Bursell
      Capt Joseph (1669-1750) Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony m. Hannah Hall
         Leut Zachariah (1706-1796) Yarmouth, Barnstable Co, MA m. Mehitable Crowell
            Roland/Rowland (1745-1819) Yarmouth, Barnstable Co, MA m. Jedidah Conant
               Zachriah (1782-1842) Ashfield, Franklin, MA m. Delight Coolidge
                  Lysander (1822-1881) Fabius, NY m. Julia Conover & Cornelia Meade
                     Orange Almoin/Almeron (1863-1942) Hartland, MI m. Charlotte Mallett
                        Robert Percy (1894-1969) Rose, Oakland, MI m. Margaret Stark
                           Almond Keith (1919-1993) Holly, Oakland, MI m. Virginia Alma Gregg
                              Steve Keith (1954- ) Flint, Genesee, MI m. Marsha Kraft

6/10/2013: We've been quite busy since we arrived home. I had a fair amount of work work to do in preparation for the big industry trade show that takes place the first week in June. Plus there were projects around the house we had been planning for some time, after being away for almost 5 months, we were anxious to start working on them. Inside the house, the entertainment center needed finishing. I had been dreading running speaker wire through the floor and crawl space for the rear speakers. A bit of research on wireless rear speakers turned up a great solution, the Rocketfish™ - Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit. We also added a new Roku 3 video streaming box. Much of it's functionality is redundant with other equipment already in the system, but not all, especially the headphone jack in the remote control unit. Concerned about video streaming performance, we figured out our wireless router was woefully out of date after consulting Charter Communications web site. They were recommending these features:

  • Follows the IEEE 802.11n standard
  • Notes speeds of at least 300 Mbps

Optional, but recommended features:

  • Dual band simultaneous or dual band concurrent
  • Support for Quality of Service (QoS)

Our old (but reliable) Linksys was supporting speeds up to 50 Mbps, so we got a new Netgear Dual Band 11ac WiFi Router R6300. Set up was a snap, we love it. With all of the component boxes in our entertainment center, we decided against mounting the 42" flat panel on the wall and started shopping online for a TV stand. Of 100s to choose from, we both ended up liking the same model, and with Amazon Prime's free shipping (which we love), it arrived in 2 days. Some assembly required.

Content with the inside of the house for now, we turned our focus to the outside. We felt the need for a storage shed because the garage was getting so crammed it was hard to use if for projects. Breezy was about the only house in the neighborhood that didn't have one. We also wanted to have a fenced in area in the back yard so Charlie could run and play off leash. After studying the Gerrish Township zoning ordinances, we learned we could have a fence, subject to the following: Fences and walls up to four (4) feet high that obstruct a maximum of thirty (30) percent of the view and air flow are not subject to any yard or setback limitations. That pretty much left the decision to a chain link fence. Marsha saw a black vinyl coated chain link fence around a yard near Punta Gorda, FL over the winter that looked much better, more subtle than the plain fencing. After thinking about where to put a shed for almost 3 years, and where to put the fence all winter, we had a design in mind, and could apply for both on the same land use permit. In the sketch we needed to include for the permit, we located the shed in the back right corner of the yard, offset 5' in from the property lines. We decided to enclose the entire back yard to the back of the house and deck. An idea surfaced a couple of years ago, during a visit from some of Marsha's family, to put in a culvert to provide access from the back yard to the road (driveway - long story) behind our property. We sketched this in because if we were ever going to do it, the decision to do it should happen when designing the fence so gates gates could provide drive though access. We were granted the permit for the shed and fence, and told we would have to apply for a permit for the back road access with the Roscommon County Road Commission. We needed to know if they would permit it so we could get the price quote on a fence, so I completed that design sketch and faxed the permit application to them. We received the permit in the mail a few days later. With designs and permits in hand we were ready to start work. We would first need to have a large stump that was in the fence to be's path, so I called a tree guy that advertised on the bulletin board at the Town and Country party store. He came later that same day and quoted $250 to remove all 6 stumps (out of the 7 trees George had cut down, the 7th looked too close to another tree). One of the other stumps was underneath our fire pit, as we had been trying to burn it out the past couple of years - so working on a new fire pit design was added to the outdoor project list. We decided to go with Home Depot for both the shed and fence. I called Ed of RBR Construction from an ad in the local paper for a quote on the driveway culvert - $800. We said do it, and now have a pull through drive for Taylor the Trailer. The shed looks great, it will take a while to get stuff moved from the garage and organized. The fence is scheduled to arrive and be installed in 10 days or so. While all of this activity was underway, we entertained a visit from good friends David and Marcy Albert, and poodle Marley. I'll post photos of the yard progress on Breezy's page. Here is a photo from the Albert's visit, while we were on Mackinaw Island.

4/23/2013: All went according to the plan, we made it to the Cottonwood Campground on the 19th. Nice place, everything worked great. We did have to disconnect and drain our water hose, and the camp shut down the water until about 9:30 the next morning because of unseasonably cold weather. It was an easy out the next day, we hadn't unhitched the truck from the trailer. We did make the brief stop in Clare, but didn't see Charlie's breeder. His cell phone number is no longer working. About 10 miles south of Breezy, we started seeing little patches of snow on the ground. The patches were getting bigger as we got closer to home. When we finally made it home, I had to park in the street to shovel a bit of snow out of the driveway before backing the trailer onto the RV pad. It all happened fairly quickly, everything in the house quickly came back to life. It took a couple of days for the snow on the decks to melt.

One thing we decided to change, and executed upon during the last few days of the trip back was to change our TV service provider. After many of the parks with iffy TV, or TV that didn't match any TV guide we could find, we started researching satellite options. We had seen many rigs over the winter with a satellite dish out side of, or on top of their unit. A quick check on Camping World's site led us to Dish Network. We called the company that supports Dish for the Roscommon area, and learned they have a solution called a Tailgater. You get Dish Network's satellite service for your home, then when you travel in the RV, you take the Tailgater. Supposedly all you have to do is set it outside the rig connected to the cable TV port, then punch in your zip code and it provides your same service, HD, to the RV TV. There is a tuner box that's compact enough to fit on top of the DVD player. We told Jessica, the woman providing the information on the call we would like to think about it, but it sounded like a great solution for us. A couple of days later it was time to call Charter, the cable provider for our home, to have them turn the internet and TV service back on. We were thinking it would be easy to just go with what we had turned off for the winter with their seasonal arrangement. But as we were having that conversation, we were learning the package we had was getting quite a bit more complicated and more expensive. On that call we decided it was time to bite the bullet and make the switch to Dish for the TV service. We had Charter adjust or service to internet only. I would have to drive to West Branch to drop off their TV equipment and pick up a new cable modem that would support the new 30 Mbit download speed. That was OK, I had other reasons to go to West Branch. The existing 15 Mbit internet would be working when we arrived home, I could make that switch later. We called Jessica at Dish Network back, signed up for their service, and scheduled the install for asap when we got back. We got home Saturday, they installed it on Sunday. The Tailgater unit arrived yesterday, we'll have to wait until tomorrow to test it as I have work to do today, but it looks like a pretty cool deal.

By the end of Sunday, we had pretty much transitioned all of the food stuffs and personal items back to the house. There is always mental adjustments to go through when moving, the transitions between Spirit and Breezy had gotten fairly automatic. It was different this time, after the 27 different places we stayed, over almost a 5 month stretch. It was like having to stop to re-remenber everything we did, every step of the way. I'm sure there is still more of that to go through, but we're pretty much over that hump, and are settling back in to home - and looking forward to summer in Northern Michigan. The following is a list of where we stayed over the winter.


Taylor's Travels, Winter of 2013  



Date RV Park Address Miles Phone


4/20/2013 Breezy 144


4/19/2013 Cottonwood Campground 5339 Aurelius Rd., Lansing, Mi 48911 263 (517) 393-3200


4/17/2013 Lake Haven Retreat 1951 W Edgewood Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46217 322 317-783-5267


4/15/2013 Hinton RV Park 2863 East Malone Ave., Sikeston, MO 234 800-327-1547


4/12/2013 Frog Hollow Campground/RV Park 601 Hwy 7 N, Grenada, MS  38901 160 662-226-9042


4/10/2013 Magnolia RV Park Resort 211 Miller Street, Vicksburg, Mississippi 39180 73 (601) 631-0388


4/8/2013 Riverview RV Park 100 Riverview Pkwy., Vidalia, LA 71373 164 (888) 628-2430


4/1/2013 New Orleans West KOA 11129 Jefferson Hwy, River Ridge, LA 70123 97 504-467-1792


3/25/2013 Majestic Oaks RV Resort 1750 Pass Rd., Biloxi, MS 39531 127 228-436-4200


3/18/2013 Anchors Away RV Resort 19814 County Roud 20 South, Foley, AL 36535 251-971-6644


14-Mar Playground RV Park 777 Beal Pkwy NW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 850-862-3513


10-Mar Rustic Sands RV Resort Campground 800 N. 15th St., Mexico Beach, FL 32410 877-240-7213


8-Mar Tim and Donna's 8008 River Road, Live Oak, FL


4-Mar Cedar Key RV Resort 11980 SW Shiloh Rd., Ceder Key, FL 32625 352-543-5097


1-Mar Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park 237 N. Rock Crusher Rd., Crystal River, FL 164 352-564-9350


1-Feb Riverside RV Resort and Campground 9770 Country Road 769, Arcadia, FL 34269 863-993-2111


27-Jan Camp Florida 100 Shoreline Dr., Lake Placid, FL 33852 863-699-1991


22-Jan Zachary Taylor RV Resort 2995 US Hwy 441 SE, Okechobee, FL 34974 888-282-6523


2-Jan John Prince Park Campground 4759 South Congress Ave., Lake Worth FL 33461 561-582-7992


29-Dec Sea Island RV Resort 4450 Pine Island Rd. NW, Matlacha, FL 239-839-8802


23-Dec Bob and Cindy's Cape Coral, FL


20-Dec Oak Haven Mobile Home & RV Park 10307 S.W. Lettus Lake Ave., Arcadia, FL 34269 888-611-4678


13-Dec Clearwater Travel Resort 2946 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33759 727-791-0550


7-Dec St. John's RV Park 2493 State Rd. 207, St. Augustine, FL 32086 904-824-9840


4-Dec Hardeeville RV - Thomas Parks 3090 S. Okatie Hwy. Hwy 315, Hardeeville SC (843) 784-6210


12/3/2012 Rainbow RV Park 104 Waukegan Way, Taylors, South Carolina 864-244-1271


2-Dec Whispering Hills RV Park 257 Rodgers Gap Rd., Georgetown, KY 502-863-2552


1-Dec KOA 7072 Grange Hall Rd., Holly MI 248-634-0803




Notes Other parks we would have used...



Circle B Campground 5251 West US 20, Angola, IN 46703 (260) 665-5353


Blue Lake Campground 5453 N Blue Lake Rd‎., Churubusco, IN 46723


Cloverdale RV Park 2789 E County Road 800 S, Cloverdale, IN 46120 (765) 795-3294


Benton KOA Kampgrounds 1500 N Du Quoin St Benton, IL 62812 (618) 439-4860


Terre Haute KOA 5995 East Sony Drive, Terre Haute, IN 800-562-4179


Tom Sawyer's Mississippi River RV Park 1286 S 8th St., West Memphis, AR 72301 (870) 735-9770

4/18/2013: Yesterday was a long day, some work to do early in the morning, then drive the long day 322 miles back into the eastern time zone, so we lost an hour. We checked into the Lake Haven Retreat RV park just before their 6:00 pm office closing. We saw a tornado system pass near by shortly after getting settled. Storm conditions exist through tonight. The current plan is to move to the Cottonwood Campground in Lansing tomorrow - 263 miles. That leaves 144 miles to get home on Saturday. We plan to stop by the puppy sidewalk sale in Jay's Sporting Goods' parking lot in Clair on the way home to see if we can find Charlie's breeder.

4/16/2013: Charlie bath day, which means clean the floor first, then Steve gets a shower afterwards, because he is already pretty much wet all over. She still hides behind the bulkhead when I do the things that lead up to her bath, but she's mellowing out about the experience, which happens about every 2 weeks, and has for her entire life, which will be 2 years in just over 3 weeks.

4/15/2013:We moved from Grenada, MS to Sikeston, MO today, and are parked in the Hinton RV Park. The park is level gravel, and all services seem to be working well. We're looking forward to watching The Voice this week here. This move has positioned us close to the 2nd of 3 locations of Lambert's restaurant, the home of throwed rolls. They have a free shuttle to the restaurant for people that don't want to bother unhooking the tow vehicle. So we haven't unhooked. We're getting closer to home, and are enjoying the thought of being home. We have ample provisions to not have to worry about shopping until we get there, and then some. We've made reservations for 2 nights at the Lake Haven Retreat in Indianapolis, IN arriving on Wednesday, and Friday night at the Cottonwood Campground in Lansing, MI. We stayed there on our way to Mexico in 2011 and liked it. It positions us for a half day drive home on Saturday. We plan to stop by Jay's sporting goods in Clair to see if Charlie's breeder will be at the puppy dog sidewalk sale that occurs in Jay's parking lot every Saturday and Sunday, year round - just to let him see how she turned out, and maybe explain what part of her is Pomeranian - we can't seem to find it...

4/14/2013: We got some work done in the morning, then did some touring and grocery shopping in the afternoon yesterday. Grenada Lake has a fun looking campground and day use parks for fishing and swimming. We decided to stay here another day to catch up on laundry and things, and have made reservations for Monday and Tuesday nights at the Hinton RV Park in Sikeston, MO. After that rain storm while we were in Vicksburg, the weather has been great, sunny and moderate temps. The mud puddles here are starting to dry up. We like this park, the only issues are limited TV reception and low water pressure, but we would come back.

4/13/2013: We're at the Frog Hollow Campground in Grenada, MS. A bit muddy after the 4" of rain they got here while we were holed up in Vicksburg. This place is popular with fishermen angling for crappie on Lake Grenada. And we got to taste the fish last night. A couple of guys, one from Georgia, one from Louisiana meet here once in a while to fish the lake. The camp managers, Beth and Larry invited us to join their fish fry, with home made tarter sauce, French fries, and apple pie. Yumm.

4/12/2013: For us, Vicksburg turned out to be a place to avoid tornadoes and hole up through a rain storm. Today, we move on to Grenada, MS. The campground here was OK, Magnolia RV Park Resort. Tony was extremely friendly. It was gravel and grassy, level, and everything worked. We watched Lazlo say goodbye to American Idol. We saw several dead Armadillos on the side of the road on the way here.

4/10/2013: Moving from Vidalia, LA to Vicksburg, MS today, a short ride.

4/8/2013: We traveled from New Orleans (actually River Ridge, a western suburb), LA to Vidalia, LA today. We're now parked in the River View RV Park and Resort. Hanging out around the French Quarter made us kind of feel almost like we were in a foreign country, like Europe. The condition of the roads everywhere made us kind of feel like we were in a foreign country, like Mexico. We were pleasantly surprised to see the south Lake Pontchartrain area, with nice homes in upscale neighborhoods and folks out enjoying their sailing yachts out on the water - but the roads were still pretty bad. For the most part, it reminded us of being in Oakland, CA, except the integration of black and white people has a much better feel - friendly, at times transparent - as opposed to feeling like you have to have your defenses up - kind of like it has a southern version of Chicago feel to it. Local news on the television did seem to have quite a bit of crime to report, we checked our locks more than normal. We continued to listen to KLRZ on the radio, never got tired of it, actually started recognizing songs that we had already heard - glad they stream the feed:-) I cooked up a gumbo with smoked sausage, and a crawfish etouffee - fun stuff. Charlie really enjoyed meeting people in the French Quarter, but after a short walk and getting bumped in the head by some guy's leg, we opted for the slow driving tour. The web site dogfriendly.com told us unless fido likes getting stepped on by drunk people, take him there early in the morning. Many of the establishments you can walk into from Bourbon Street offered alcoholic beverages to go. The place makes you wish you were here when you were younger, then I remembered I was here when I was younger - that shifted the thought to, makes you wish you were here when you were younger with wheels, and money to burn. The KOA was an OK place to park, aside from the bad road, everything worked. I can't explain why it took me until the last night to remember the digital TV reception over the air might be better than the snowy on some channels on cable TV, but the channel we wanted to watch with 60 Minutes, then the CMAs came in much better, and in HD over the air. We departed heading west on River Rd. to take a mellow paced drive past many plantations and cementers from olden days, and infrequent small bergs (I bet they don't call them that - here, counties are called perishes) along the way from River Ridge to Baton Rouge, then had a pretty straight shot up 61. Again, staying in one place even a week lets you do some online shopping if you have Amazon Prime account - big upvote, we got a replacement for the 120 volt to the extremely antiquated standard interface to 12 volt (cigarette lighter) for the Koolatron refrigerator that lives in the back seat of our truck. The wifi there was OK, but we are learning that at pretty much any popular RV park, as in the best reviews on www. rvparkreviews.com, cocktail hour into the evening and rainy days are over subscribed. Our Verizon hot spot through our new iPad with a data plan has continued to be an awesome backup when the park we're in has wifi issues.

4/1/2013: We arrived at the New Orleans West KOA this afternoon. A week in Biloxi was more than enough time. So far it feels like a week in the New Orleans area will go by very fast. The first radio station I tuned to is cranking out good music reflecting Cajun and Big Easy vibes, KLRZ.

3/28/2013: Biloxi was pretty much devastated by hurricane Katrina. It used to be Mississippi's 3rd largest city, now it is the 5th. We're hearing terms like bouncing back from Katrina on the news every day. And I'm not sure where it would be without the gambling casinos. We're planning to go check out Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Casino while we're here. We did have a good thin crust pizza delivered yesterday from Bootleggers Pizzeria.

3/27/2013: We gave Charlie a bath today. I'm logging this here because by the time 2 weeks have passed, we have a hard time remembering when the last time we gave her a bath occurred. It doesn't really matter, because we give her a bath when she needs it, and it turns out to be about 2 weeks from the last time. But still, we like to know when. So one frustration here in Biloxi is we are unable to find a tvguide.com provider that matches the cable we are getting. The park has good internet, however the signal I connected our router to has bogged down during prime time tonight, but connecting to another one with the computer's internal antenna is working ok - update, it's sluggish too. It continues to be a good thing to have multiple wifi options. We've been watching The Voice, and American Idol. They come on at 7:00 because we are in the central time zone. Go Shakira!

3/26/2013: We got underway with 1 minute to spare before checkout time yesterday, and landed at the Majestic Oaks RV Resort in Biloxi, MS. Here for a week, the internet is working great so far. There were many MI license plates in the last place, Anchors Away, it seemed like about half the park. It is another place where people have 5th wheel rigs they leave there full time, the cost is $500 per month when you are there, and $45 a month to store it. The spaces were roomy. There, like here, can be variably windy such that most people don't have their awnings out. It wasn't quite warm enough to think about putting the awning out though, I can't speak for what it's like when the weather is warmer. The last afternoon was very warm and sunny, perfect for sitting out and soaking up some Vitamin D. Temperatures never got above the mid 50's the next day. I've only seen one other MI license plate here, most are from southern states.

3/21/2013: Turns out our neighbors had to leave early which opened up a spot, the park was able to put the folks that were coming to our spot there so we don't have to move our rig until we plan to leave Monday morning. We're learning we should stay in one spot for a week, there is typically a weekly rate that provides a free day over the daily rate - which we got here at Anchors Away RV Resort. We found a nice restaurant that has outside seating and would let us bring Charlie, The Tin Top Restaurant and Oyster Bar, in Bon Secour a few miles away. We split a pecan encrusted grouper with house creamy crawfish sauce, pan bread, lima beans with sausage, and collard greens. The area has many seafood stores, we bought some Royal Red Shrimp, which they freeze whole while still on the boat. I found this article that describes the types of gulf shrimp. Once we eat these Royal Reds, we will have had them all - and will likely stock up the freezer a bit before leaving here.

3/19/2013: We did some touring today, weather was in the high 70's, we now plan to stay in the area until Monday, but will have to switch parks. Many places are booked for the weekend. We found Cosmos, the only dog friendly restaurant in the area (Orange Beach) listed on dogfriendly.com - we split a shrimp poboy with Parmesan risotto, and a crawdads appetizer.

3/18/2013: We left Florida today, and ended up at the Anchors Aweigh RV Resort in Foley, AL, about 6 miles north of Gulf Shore. We had a great time catching up with friends Jim and Nancy Hegland of the sailing vessel Laughing Buddha while in Fort Walton Beach. Their boat is currently in Malaysia, they will be spending 6 months a year for a while, bring it back to Fort Walton Beach, FL. Saturday afternoon, we went out for lunch at Harry T's, in the neighboring community of Destin, in its HarborWalk Village. Nancy has spent time over the past few years studying and working at photography, she took this great picture of Charlie.

3/15/2013: We pulled into the Playground RV Park in Fort Walton Beach, FL today, close to friends we're visiting this weekend. It didn't show up on the web sites we normally use to research where we plan to stay, and google reviews were negative. But it's 1 mile away from our friends so we made reservations. What a surprise, clean, spacious, the best spot we're been on - PLUS, the internet is working as good as the best we've experienced, which have been few out of many. We'll see if the neg. reviews are merited, and if not, write a good review.

3/14/2013: Mexico Beach was pretty laid back. No franchise business, similar to Cedar Key - the grocery / gift store in town did have most of the basics, marked up as you would expect. We enjoyed the Rustic Sands restaurant, burgers, sausage dogs, Calzones, and pizza - a nice break from cooking. I did cook a stir fry, with stir fry steak from the Piggly Wiggly store in nearby Port Joe, very tough. Though we didn't go hang out there, it didn't appear to be dog friendly, Toucan's appeared to be the place to hang out on the beach - it had just opened back up for the season on March 8. We are here before the good season starts though, a bit cool and windy to enjoy the beach - it would be nice to experience it in season. The RV park has live music on Tuesdays, and the residents enjoyed the heck out of it. A different bunch here, say than what we saw at Riverside - I'm not sure how to describe these subtle differences, but maybe a bit less likely to show up at church on Sunday (and I could be completely wrong about this). We got the 50% Passport America discount, and ended up in lot 17. Fine in dry conditions, but we had a good rain one night and it was the site that flooded. I had to walk Charlie in the middle of the night, we had to step into water to leave the rig. The next morning I found her poop bag, which I leave on the ground by the entrance to the rig, had floated out to the middle of the road in front. Still, the discount is real, we would go back.

3/12/2013: We pulled into our slip at the Rustic Sands RV Resort in Mexico Beach, FL in time to get cleaned up, give Charlie a bath, and do the laundry. The internet is kind of iffy, but there is Verizon 4G lte so we've been able to stay on top of work.

3/10/2013: We spent Friday afternoon until Sunday morning staying at my nephew Tim Taylor's place, a 5 acre spread in Live Oak, FL - not too far from the Suwanee River. It was the first time we got to meet his SO, Donna. They have a great fire pit, that got used heavily both evenings. Donna's daughter Faith has 3 dogs, Charlie had a really great time playing with Layla. I hadn't seen Tim in something like 30 years. Next time not so long.

3/8/2013: We spent the rest of the time at Cedar Key enjoying local seafood - Blue Crabs and Oysters, and catching up on work a bit. Very pleasant stay. The only issue I saw was a slight reddish color to the water. It didn't smell though. We would return.

3/5/2013: The internet connection is working better at the Cedar Key RV Resort than we have ever experienced in a campsite. What a great travel day yesterday. The checkout time was later than normal, 1:00 pm, and we only had a one hour drive to get to our next destination. We got the rig ready for travel at a leisurely pace, did the commute, got everything hooked back up, and still had time to go tour Cedar Key, then hang out at the Tiki bar at the Low-Key Hideaway Motel and RV Resort to watch the sun set (we couldn't get a reservation there, all full).

3/4/2013: Three days in a new spot is just not enough time to get to know the place. The cold weather system turned us off on taking a boat ride to see the manatees. We left Crystal River thinking we'll be back next year. The internet was mostly great, though we could see a slow down after 5:00 in the evening as more folks were likely logging in. Just before leaving, I had the opportunity to learn a bit more about Shark fittings. It was leaking, and after almost giving up struggling with it to save the problem for later, I pushed up on the hose, into the fitting with both hands. I felt the hose move up about an eighth of an inch and heard an audible noise, almost like a click. The leaking stopped. I believe that was how the hose was supposed to be connected to the fitting. Yeaaa for plumbing problem solved. Here is a photo of our site there.

3/2/2013: We broke free from Riverside RV, what a great month. The weather was great, it was much more common to be wearing a tank top at night than socks. We spent 3 weekend afternoons listening to live music at the Nav-A-Gator Grill, and took my cousin and his wife out for a pontoon boat Peace River tour, based out of the Nav-A-Gator. Besides Marsha's craft fair, other than a couple of driving tours of Punta Gorda, and Port Charlotte up past Englewood, that was about it. Like I said what a great month. We were ok leaving, but not anxious to get underway, actually felt a bit surreal. We made reservations there for next January and February. We plan to head for Maine in late September for the color tour, meandering down the east coast, and expect we'll be back in FL after that. The video footage below is from one of the afternoons at the Nav-A-Gator, while the Daytona 500 was underway 3 hours north.

We're now at the Rock Crusher Canyon RV park in Crystal River. The daily rates are 20% less than Riverside, the monthly rates are 50% less. The internet is working great. The license plates seem to be the same mix of snowbirds. Much more space, woodsy. We're here for 3 nights before moving on. A cold front has moved in bring temperatures 20 degrees below normal, high temps in the mid 50s. The weather will start getting warmer when we leave on Monday so I'll likely not bother setting up the patio. It appears snorkeling with manatees tours are big around here, good to note for future reference.


2/27/2013: In the spirit of dealing with maintenance items on "the list", just like on a boat, a remaining lurker was the noisy galley faucet. After looking at different ones in Home Depot, I could see how you should just be able to unscrew the nut that fastens the center spigot to the base to inspect the innards for problems. Since the noise was occurring when running either hot or cold water, I suspected that as the source of the problem. I was resisting working on the project, rather waiting until the rig was next to the house once we got back to MI, where we wouldn't be living on it, in case of project creep. But I couldn't hold back my curiosity to just have a peak. I unscrewed it, the spigot came off no problem. I couldn't detect anything wrong so I screwed it back on. But then it leaked, and nothing I could do would stop the leak. So that led going back to Home Depot for a new faucet. Then I got to learn about shark fittings, after another trip to Home Depot to get parts to repair the damage I did to the hot water line fitting. I finally got it back together with no leaking, a new faucet (updated design of the same model we had), and *YES* no noise. Doing the work felt as bad as any bilge project ever accomplished on the boat.

2/26/2013: We're scheduled to be leaving Riverside RV Resort this Friday, March 1, but I wanted to attend the Tuesday morning Announcements meeting to see what it was about. We had learned this is a weekly thing, and I would have known about the additional meeting with the Camplink internet service provider that got added to the editing web video meeting I attended. It was lucky I attended, I learned about a wifi router / antenna combo that would fix many aspects of our LAN. Riverside has a web site dedicated to the activities that occur here, www.riversidesnowbirds.com . The photos below are from the announcements meeting. In addition to free coffee, there were free donuts this morning, funded by items sold at the crafts fair that were donated to the activities fund.

Here are the details of the network gear we just set up. The Alfa R36 802.11 b, g N, Repeater and Range Extender for AWUS036H can also be used as a 3G Router - Enables you to Extend to Signal that is picked up by the AWUS036H and distribute the internet wirelessly to multiple Users (Desktops, Laptops, tablets, printers, iPods or iPad). Based on comments in the reviews for the range extender, we selected Alfa AWUS036H Upgraded to 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g High Gain USB Wireless Long-Rang WiFi network Adapter with 5dBi Rubber Antenna and a 7dBi Panel Antenna. Also on network fortification, for Christmas we added a new iPad with a Verizon data plan that gives us a cellular wifi hotspot capability. 3G is ok, it lets us get most of our work done when there is no wifi. 4G lte smokes when we can get it.

2/24/2013: The Craft Fair / Garage Sale was yesterday. Charlie was literally freaked out that we were attending a local function and she couldn't go. Before it was over, I was holding her in my lap behind Marsha's exhibit table. Marsha sold some things but it was more about being involved with and a chance for her to meet some of the people here. I've already made quite a big name for myself, Charlie's dad. There were several jewelry exhibits, some too close together, a few other crafts, and many garage sale tables. We think most attendees were looking for the garage sale goodies. She sold a few things. The proceeds will likely cover our tab at the Navigator Grill this afternoon, plus we wanted to buy one thing for the house and the woman selling offered to take jewelry in trade which was cool.

2/21/2013: I didn't think we were getting enough fruit in our diet, with just the occasional glass of fruit juice. We decided fruit smoothies could be the way to get more easily. I ordered a small juice blender, so far it has been working out great. Though you could use about any combination, here's the first recipe we have been making:

1/4 cup blueberries
1/2 cup strawberries
1 peach
1 banana
1/2 cup fruit juice, we've been using orange/pineapple
few ice cubes

2/18/2013: We got out on a boat last week, with my cousin Bobby Fry and his wife Cindy. It was a pontoon tour on the Peace River out of the Navigator Grill at Desoto Marina. Weather was great, the tour of the bird rookery on Liverpool island was fascinating. Good burgers at the grill before the ride.

2/17/2013: I noticed this sign on the door of the rec room I go through to check our mail. I signed us up for a table.

2/16/2013: Replaced this failing part on Taylor with a new one. Closing the door securely has always been a pain. Now it works like a new door. Woo hoo.

2/9/2013: Fixed...

2/8/2013: Time is passing very pleasantly here. Charlie is enjoying it here. We're at an intersection of sorts so there are a half a dozen directions we can walk in, and we meet plenty of friendly dogs and dog owners in every direction. Thinking about what we can't do because we are not in our house right now, rather in our trailer - I think of the bread maker and larger freezer. We could bring the bread machine with us, but a round of those yummy sandwich rolls would consume most of our freezer space. I do have a pack of some wonderful bakery made French Hamburger Buns from Publix on my shopping list. Another thing we didn't bring and could have was the deep fryer we use rice bran oil in to fry fish, shrimp, French fries, and tempura. Cooking with it is a good thing to do outdoors on the picnic table. There is still room in the truck, it would have fit in a bin no problem - yup we should have brought it with us. We could use more counter space for cooking, but we've done much of our cooking living on the boat and thus are accustom to making the smaller galley work. It will be nice getting back to our large screen LED TV, but we have a 23" one with us and we're not that far away from the screen when we watch it. I do miss the larger, more comfortable couch for watching TV, but we do have an inflatable ottoman and will make do for now. We just tune the TV to the weather forecast for back in MI and smile and do a high five every now and then. Here is a picture of my brother-in-law Ron from this morning, then a picture of our forecast here in Arcadia...

2/3/2013: It's quite peaceful here, full of people without children in tow, waiting out the cold weather back home, and dog friendly. Quite a mix of license plates from Michigan, Ontario, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and many other states in the northern mid west and east coast. The photo below is our spot for the month. Yesterday we made it to the Nav-A-Gator Grill, on the Peace River. It has outside seating and is very dog friendly. There was a musician playing contemporary music, and the beer was cold. We split a fish sandwich and an order of Gator Bits (kind of chewy).


2/2/2013: We pulled into Riverside RV Resort and Campground yesterday, Lot 47. It has an Arcadia mailing address, but it is much closer to Port Charlotte. We're here for the month of Feb., and actually have our own mail box.

1/31/2013: Lake Placid, FL is known as the Town of Murals.

1/30/2013: We're now in the Camp Florida RV Resort, what a find. There are different sections, all organized in circles. We're in one of the 2 Pet Circles. People own or rent their slips from the bank. The sites used to sell for $59K, but are lower now, in the $20Ks. The people here are all very friendly, the majority seem to be from Michigan, most from northern, west coast Michigan. The internet isn't as good as we first thought, it slows down and drops alot. That could be why the place isn't filled to capacity as in the past - I suspect more and more people are making better wifi connections a priority. Most everyone has a golf cart, and they are very useful here - many have a noodle or 2 folded in a U in the basket for use at the pool. Dave, over in site C-12 has a happy hour at 3 every day, and there are plenty of activities down at the club house on the shore of Lake Grassy, the dumpster is down there too. The local grocery store, comparable to Glens in Roscommon but with a better produce selection is just outside the park entrance. The roads are paved, and the place is very clean. It kind of feels like the Gate 11 of RV parks.

1/27/2013: On provisioning, it is a challenge to keep from stocking up on things before you need them, as we used to do traveling by boat in Mexico. In this mode, the truck is unhooked from the trailer and handy, and stores like Walmart or the local grocery chain are not far away. I keep a list of things we need going on my iphone and shop it when handy, we stay provisioned for about 5 days. Everything else can stay on the shelf in the stores. The fridge and freezer have been working great, on electricity while hooked up and propane while moving. We also travel with a 12 volt / 120 volt Koolatron that stays in the truck, 120 volt while parked at the site, 12 volt while moving. As of my last birthday, we also have a Dometic ice maker that runs on 120 volt, but we typically don't require much ice while moving. It produces quickly and more than we use.

1/25/2013: We made it to this place on the 21st, the Zachary Taylor RV Resort, in Okeechobee. I had made reservations for 10 days, but decided to only pay for a week when we checked in, just in case we wanted to make a stop visit in Lake Placid on our migration back over to the west side of the state. It's a good thing I did, the place is ok, and it is wonderful having a full hookup - not having to rely on the honey wagon, but the internet wifi is way under provisioned. It works fine in the middle of the night, I worked last night between 1 - 5 AM, but is mostly unusable during the day. We've made reservations at Camp Florida RV Resort in Lake Placid starting the 27th for 5 nights. They don't give refunds here, we're leaving a paid day early just to have better internet for work next week. I met our neighbor Ron from Ontario when we pulled in. He had made reservations for longer, but was leaving soon because of the internet. He told me about the place they were going next in Labell, the Whisper Creek RV Resort. He had great things to say about it because they have been there before. Strongly recommended for next time. One other negative about this place, more correctly the section we are parked in - Cypress tree droppings are sticking to Charlie's hair and littering the floor.

Except for possible activities like snorkeling or skin diving to retrieve things from the galley that fell overboard the night before, mornings are going by much as they do while cruising on a boat on vacation. Morning coffee, take the dog to shore, fix something for breakfast, make a meal plan for the rest of the day, clean up the galley and cockpit, take out the trash, and ice down the drinks for later, maybe fix a couple of things that need their screws tightened...

1/20/2013: Caught up on work, and things around home for a moving day tomorrow, we decided to go out for lunch and a bit more touring before leaving the Boynton Beach area. We knew from the time in Clearwater when we went out with friends and left Charlie in the trailer, when our neighbors told us she was very unhappy we had left her, that we don't really want to leave her behind. That can be limiting. Phil had recommended a place, the Old Key Lime House, a funky place on the water. I called them, though they have outdoor seating, they don't allow dogs. We found a website, which I suspect we'll be using more of, Bring Fido. I learned from that site there are 15 restaurants in the Lake Worth / Boynton Beach area that are dog friendly (according to their data). After reading their descriptions, we decided to try the Hurricane Alley Raw Bar and Restaurant. The food was good, dog friendly is not the only reason people go there, Charlie was one of 2 there, but there were many customers enjoying the place. We tried some of their blue point oysters from Chesapeake Bay - pretty bland - so far we're missing the Kumamotos, Sweetwaters, and other goodies from the Pacific west coast. We'll reserve judgment until we're in a position to try oysters from the cooler waters further north, but I'm just sayin... The food was good, and it is located close to the Boynton Beach Ocean Inlet Park.

On the park we are staying in, we'll be happy to get back to life with a full hookup. The Honey Wagon comes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, except on holidays. You have to go insure they closed the valves properly after they drain your tanks, every time the black wasn't closed all the way, including one time it was left wide open. We started thinking it was some kind of joke the drivers played on each other because it never was the same one twice in a row. There are much larger spaces with full hookups in this park, they were all already reserved when we knew we would be here and could make reservations. It is pretty crowded, quite a bit of traffic in the park. After walking Charlie, I now believe the French speaking guests are over half. It is a very large, and pretty park, located just north of the Palm Beach County Airport, where you can learn how to fly a plane, without having to learn how to take off or land it...

1/19/2013: Reflecting on one of the coolest music experiences in my life so far: We had sailed Spirit to Mexico back in 96, with recordings of my LP collection on cassette tape, and a high end marine stereo system installed on the boat just right. It was a good music collection, but after a while living in a foreign country I discovered I wasn't getting any NEW music (well, except for the recording of Clapton Unplugged Dar and Michael made for us). We started hearing a cool song on the local airwaves, I found myself in that mode where you had to know the name of the artist when I heard it again (pre broadband internet). Finally one day while out for lunch at an upscale taco restaurant in La Paz, the song came on the music they were playing, I asked the waitress who the artist was. All I could make out of what she said to me was Chaquita. For the next few weeks, while in town I walked into a few stores that sold cassette tapes asking for music by Chaquita. Finally, one young woman working behind the counter looked at me trying to figure out what I was trying to figure out and asked me back the question "Shakira?". I said, "Si, Possibley". So I bought a cassette recording of her first album, the song I was looking for was on it - Estoy Aqui. While chasing that down, I learned from Dar at a cocktail party on someone's yacht on gate 6 in Marina Palmira that Estoy Aqui translates to "I am here". It turned out to be a great record, and I later bought a CD - Shakira, The Remixes. That was the extent of my new music for a 3 year period while we were out of the country, offline. Then we get back to the United States, and integrated back into a land based home and started working again. A coworker from a previous company that I had become good friends with, and now a coworker again, Phil Parker was visiting our operations on the west coast. After work one day, visiting our apartment he brought up mp3s in a discussion about music. That led to him loading Napster on my computer and asking me what music would I like to hear. I said Shakira. He typed in her name and immediately a long list of links representing pretty much every song she had recorded to date appeared. I started clicking the links. Run bars started appearing, then quickly disappearing (that was our first broadband DSL connection). Then I double clicked on the downloaded file Estoy Aqui. That song started playing. I was awestruck, pretty much blown away. I turned my head to look at Phil and said, "Phil, how am I going to get any work done now?" After almost 3 years with literally no access to new music, I felt like I was the ammunition in a slingshot that had just been fired into the brave new world. That world of music has evolved since then, likely faster that ever before on this planet, with the now current likes of Pandora and Spotify. It was a fun ride though.

1/18/2013: It was tank top and flip flop weather day and night until late yesterday afternoon when a cold front came in. Weather should be back to normal for FL for a while by tomorrow, extremely pleasant warm days and we hopefully won't need the air conditioner for sleeping at night. We're still at John Prince Park Campground until Monday when we depart for Lake Okeechobee's Zachary Taylor Camping Resort. We've visited with good friend Phil Parker, his SO Candice, her Father Charlie, and Charlie's friend Earl - sharing good food and learning about the area. I've made it over to the Golf training center next door a few times. Not a bad place to hang out, or live...


1/8/2013: The weather here sure is nice. It appears about every other license plate in this park is from Quebec. The posted flyers communicating the bingo schedule are in both English and French. The other license plates are from different states - New York, Iowa, Pennsylvania, etc., and Ontario.

1/2/2013: Moved the rig from Matlacha to Lake Worth on the Atlantic coast side of FL today, to John Prince Park. We really liked the island community of Matlacha, the very friendly people we met there, and the great fresh seafood markets. What a great place to hang out for New Years Eve.

1/1/2013: Happy New Year! Added this recipe for turkey soup, made it twice - with turkey caresses from Thanksgiving and Christmas. My cousin Bob Fry and his wife Cindy joined us for New Years Eve crab munchies: