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"You can't really tell how much fun they had unless you read their log book"

- Dr. Lewis Knapp

The purpose for this site is to be a web home base for Steve and Marsha's next big adventure. Since that hasn't started yet, I'm just using it as a place to put stuff. Feel free to explore.

For now, this is a toast to health, prosperity, and peace in the coming year.

2006 for us was about becoming residents of Alameda and East Bay people. We moved Spirit to Marina Village in mid October last year, and recently celebrated our first anniversary here. We have enjoyed the milder climate, and met and made friends with some very nice people in the marina. Marina Village is one of the most desirable yacht harbors in the San Francisco Bay area, and a popular port for cruisers from other places visiting the area. We've met several well known couples that have circumnavigated at the potluck social gatherings that happen here occasionally.

It was a full year of working full time for both of us. From here, Steve had the easier commute, which translates into more time learning more about cooking. So far, Marsha hasn't been able to leave behind her loyal clients on the other side of the bay, which translates into spending a lot of time driving on 880. It was also a year that saw the passing of some friends and family members, and that continually makes us remember to enjoy the time and what we have. They are missed.

We moved Harvey the RV down from his hideout in wine country to the island because we didn't believe we would want to get away that much this year. We opted to have him closer by, and to serve as the Harvey Hotel for visiting friends tolerant of our live aboard, off-the-grid lifestyle. We found a storage spot for him 3 miles up the estuary in Alameda Marina. There seem to be no issues parking him here in the marina parking lot if friends happen to be visiting for a few days. We did however, make it back up to wine country for a few long weekends.

It took awhile to initiate, but we finally got our possessions stored on land in a storage unit on the other side of the bay moved to Central Storage a mile away from our dock. It was a thankless job moving stuff from one place to another, but the help of 15 guys from south of the border made it quick work. It's nicer having our stuff handy. I had been having bad luck getting a diver to clean Spirit’s bottom so during the move I made sure the snuba and dive gear ended up where I could get at them easily. That led to me diving on Spirit's bottom to clean the hull and replace the sacrificial zincs on the prop shaft, what a hoot!

Bit by bit, we're slowly getting to know our way around this island with a population of 74,405. Some of the places we've enjoyed, The Sushi House with a view of San Francisco Bay, Pagano's Hardware Store, The Forbidden Lounge Tiki Bar, Pier 29 Restaurant, and Rosenblum's winery and tasting room, the South Shore Shopping center, with Trader Joe's and a new Safeway Grocery Store, and West Marine Products. One of our favorite past times has become "not going off-island".

People often ask us, "Do you take your boat out much? I've heard that's hard when you live aboard." Well, it's true we've had to strap the computers, dehumidifier, and flat panel TV to bulkheads just to make it up the estuary to get hauled out for new bottom paint last March. However, we did make it out on a Gulfstar 39, a Hunter 45, a Beneteau 40.5, a Nordic 44, a 32' Nordic Tug, a Farr 38, a pontoon boat, and 3 kayaks multiple times this year, so does the question really matter? Oh, maybe they meant would you take me out on your boat...

During the haul out, we had all of the mast lighting replaced. Then a crew that have been doing great bright work on our dock sanded and put two coats of Cetol on our teak, wet sanded, rubbed out, waxed, and polished all of the fiberglass above the water line, then sanded and painted all of the aluminum port lights and hatches, and the binnacle and windlass. There was a lot of Spirit healing this year.

Regarding this year's music collection, it got off to a slow and boring start, but then at the beginning of May, Steve took up running again, settling on a 2-mile course along the estuary. There’s nothing like the smell of frying bacon wafting through the marina air on a morning run. The difference with being a jogger now vs. past efforts is IPOD, which made jogging much more enjoyable, but also provided an opportunity to listen to and sort a small portion of the contents of the over 1/2 Terabyte of storage capacity we now have on board. The result was another no repeat selection of songs with the broad range you've come to expect. Not so much new country, a few Latin guitar goodies, some classical, some oldies, some soft rock and some a bit edgy, and a bunch of new stuff. I hope you enjoy it:-)

Happy Holidays!