Spirit's midship entrance, head, and galley 


Now moving forward is the midship companionway entrance.

The doors on the right side of the picture are the door to the aft cabin and the door to the head and separate shower stall. To the left of the stairway and below the stereo shelf is the wet hanging locker.


Next, a brief tour of the head and shower.

You can see, the shower stall is separate. This was an important feature to us because we had heard so many other boat owners complain when their shower was part of the head, that it was always a chore to dry everything off afterwards.

Additionally, Spirit's shower also serves as a hand wash laundry. Though we never did, you could sit down on the laundry compartment when taking a shower.

Looking inside the hatch is the laundry hamper.

This laundry bag has a draw string and is removable with snaps on the corners.

Below the laundry bag, you can see a custom bracket system that will secure two dive tanks. There is also enough extra room to stow 4 sets of snorkel gear and accessories.


Looking to port, you see the galley.

The fridge/freezer is on the right, then the microwave oven. Center is the gimbaled three burner stove/oven. Behind the oven is a counter board that lifts up to turn it into more counter space when not in use. The sliding plexiglass doors behind the oven provide access to plenty of storage space. Additional storage space is in the hatch to the right of the double deep stainless sinks. Opening this hatch...

This is actually a double hatch. When you lift the door board in the center...

The coffee maker inside is just to give you an idea about the size of this hatch. Another way to get the idea is it holds 28 5 liter box wine pouches (without the boxes).

Also, there is additional stowage underneath the oven for more pans, etc.


OK, now stand up and turnaround to see the main salon. Spirit's main salon